What Is Another Way to Say “Came From”?

Looking for synonyms for came from? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say came from.

  • Originated from
  • Derived from
  • Stemmed from
  • Emerged from
  • Hailed from
  • Sprung from
  • Arisen from
  • Evolved from
  • Issued from
  • Proceeded from
  • Emanated from
  • Resulted from
  • Developed from
  • Grew from
  • Sprouted from

Want to learn how to say came from professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Originated from

Appropriate Use: To indicate the beginning or source of something.
Example: “The concept of zero originated from ancient India.”

2. Derived from

Appropriate Use: Used when something is taken, received, or obtained from a specific source.
Example: “The medication is derived from a naturally occurring compound.”

3. Stemmed from

Appropriate Use: To describe the cause or basis of something.
Example: “The current economic issues stemmed from the global financial crisis.”

4. Emerged from

Appropriate Use: To describe something coming out of a situation or process.
Example: “A new political movement emerged from the recent social upheavals.”

5. Hailed from

Appropriate Use: Often used to indicate someone’s place of origin or background.
Example: “The celebrated scientist hailed from a small town in Europe.”

6. Sprung from

Appropriate Use: Used to describe something that suddenly or quickly started or appeared.
Example: “A wave of innovation has sprung from the tech startups in the city.”

7. Arisen from

Appropriate Use: Similar to stemmed from, indicating the origin or cause of something.
Example: “Several challenges have arisen from the new regulations.”

8. Evolved from

Appropriate Use: To describe a gradual development from a simpler to a more complex form.
Example: “Modern laptops have evolved from early personal computers.”

9. Issued from

Appropriate Use: Often used to describe something formally sent out or coming from a particular source.
Example: “The new guidelines were issued from the head office.”

10. Proceeded from

Appropriate Use: To indicate the origin or source from which something came.
Example: “The order to commence the project proceeded from the highest level of management.”

11. Emanated from

Appropriate Use: To describe something that is emitted or radiated from a source.
Example: “A sense of excitement emanated from the crowd.”

12. Resulted from

Appropriate Use: To express a consequence or outcome of something.
Example: “The breakthrough in research resulted from years of dedicated study.”

13. Developed from

Appropriate Use: To describe the process of growing or becoming more mature or advanced.
Example: “The current software platform developed from a basic prototype.”

14. Grew from

Appropriate Use: To describe an increase or expansion from a certain point.
Example: “The small startup grew from a home-based business to a multinational corporation.”

15. Sprouted from

Appropriate Use: Often used metaphorically to describe the rapid or sudden beginning of something.
Example: “New ideas sprouted from the collaborative workshop.”

Linda Brown