What Is Another Way to Say “Buildout”?

Looking for synonyms for buildout? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say buildout.

  • Expansion
  • Development
  • Construction
  • Extension
  • Enlargement
  • Growth
  • Enhancement
  • Augmentation
  • Increase
  • Escalation
  • Proliferation
  • Amplification
  • Elaboration
  • Broadening
  • Strengthening

Want to learn how to say buildout professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Expansion

When to Use: Suitable for describing an increase in size, number, or importance, often used in business or physical space contexts.
Example: The company announced the expansion of its operations to Europe.

2. Development

When to Use: Appropriate for a process that creates growth or change, often used in real estate, software, or personal growth contexts.
Example: The new residential development is set to accommodate 500 families.

3. Construction

When to Use: Ideal for the act or process of building something, typically used in the context of buildings, infrastructure, or large projects.
Example: The construction of the new highway will commence next month.

4. Extension

When to Use: Best used when increasing the area, size, or duration of something, often in architectural, project timelines, or contractual contexts.
Example: The museum granted an extension to the exhibit due to its popularity.

5. Enlargement

When to Use: Suitable for making something larger, often used in the context of physical spaces, images, or organizational structures.
Example: The enlargement of the meeting room will facilitate bigger events.

6. Growth

When to Use: Appropriate for a process of increasing in size, quantity, or importance, often used in economic, business, or personal development contexts.
Example: The company has seen significant growth in its customer base this year.

7. Enhancement

When to Use: Ideal for improving or augmenting something, often used in the context of product features, skills, or experiences.
Example: The latest software update includes significant enhancements.

8. Augmentation

When to Use: Best used for making something greater by adding to it, often in technological, medical, or capacity-related contexts.
Example: The team is considering the augmentation of the storage system.

9. Increase

When to Use: Suitable for situations where there is a rise in quantity, size, or degree, often used in financial, statistical, or capacity contexts.
Example: There has been an increase in demand for sustainable products.

10. Escalation

When to Use: Appropriate for a situation that is becoming more intense or serious, often used in conflict, cost, or problem-solving contexts.
Example: The escalation of costs necessitated a review of the project budget.

11. Proliferation

When to Use: Ideal for rapid increase in numbers or spread, often used in contexts of technology, diseases, or information.
Example: There has been a proliferation of mobile apps in recent years.

12. Amplification

When to Use: Best used for increasing the strength or intensity of something, often in contexts of sound, efforts, or marketing campaigns.
Example: The campaign’s message was amplified through social media channels.

13. Elaboration

When to Use: Suitable for the process of developing something in detail, often in academic, artistic, or technical contexts.
Example: The engineer provided an elaboration of the new design.

14. Broadening

When to Use: Appropriate for making something wider in scope or range, often used in educational, experiential, or strategic contexts.
Example: The university is broadening its course offerings in the upcoming semester.

15. Strengthening

When to Use: Ideal for making something stronger or more forceful, often used in contexts of organizational capabilities, structures, or relationships.
Example: The company is focusing on strengthening its customer service team.

Linda Brown