What Is Another Way to Say “All the Best”?

Looking for synonyms for all the best? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say all the best.

  • Best of luck
  • Godspeed
  • Farewell
  • Good fortune
  • Wishing you well
  • Best wishes
  • Bon voyage
  • Goodbye and good luck
  • Prosperity be with you
  • Success in your endeavors
  • May fortune favor you
  • Journey well
  • Safe travels
  • Luck be with you
  • May success be yours
  • Heartfelt wishes
  • Cheers to your future
  • Onward and upward
  • Good luck in all you do
  • Wishing you success

Want to learn how to say all the best professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Best of Luck

Use this when wishing someone success in a professional setting, often before an important meeting or a job interview.
Example: “As you head into the boardroom for your presentation, best of luck!”

2. Godspeed

Appropriate for wishing someone success and safety, especially when they are embarking on a significant journey or task.
Example: “As you relocate to the new branch for your assignment, godspeed.”

3. Farewell

Suitable for bidding goodbye to a colleague who is leaving for a new opportunity.
Example: “As you embark on your new career path, farewell and all the best.”

4. Good Fortune

Ideal for expressing hope for someone’s success or luck in their future endeavors.
Example: “For your upcoming business venture, I wish you good fortune.”

5. Wishing You Well

Used in formal communications, expressing a genuine hope for someone’s well-being and success.
Example: “In your pursuit of the new project, I’m wishing you well.”

6. Best Wishes

A versatile phrase suitable for both personal and professional contexts, often used when someone is starting something new.
Example: “As you begin your new role, best wishes for your journey ahead.”

7. Bon Voyage

Typically used when someone is leaving for a trip, but can also be used metaphorically for new endeavors.
Example: “As you depart for the international conference, bon voyage!”

8. Goodbye and Good Luck

Appropriate when parting ways with a colleague or a team, wishing them success in their next phase.
Example: “As your tenure here ends, goodbye and good luck in your future endeavors.”

9. Prosperity Be With You

Used in a formal context, wishing someone financial success and growth.
Example: “As you launch the new product line, may prosperity be with you.”

10. Success in Your Endeavors

Suitable for a wide range of professional contexts, wishing someone success in their various projects or goals.
Example: “As you tackle the new market challenges, success in your endeavors.”

11. May Fortune Favor You

Used to wish someone luck and success, especially when they are taking risks.
Example: “In your startup venture, may fortune favor you.”

12. Journey Well

Appropriate for wishing someone a successful journey, both literally and metaphorically.
Example: “As you go on your business trip, journey well.”

13. Safe Travels

Widely used to wish someone a safe and successful trip, particularly in business travel.
Example: “Heading to the international summit? Safe travels!”

14. Luck Be With You

A good way to wish someone luck in a professional setting.
Example: “For your presentation to the board, may luck be with you.”

15. May Success Be Yours

A formal way of wishing someone success in their future projects or goals.
Example: “As you take on the new leadership role, may success be yours.”

16. Heartfelt Wishes

Used to genuinely express deep wishes for someone’s success in a meaningful endeavor.
Example: “For your long-term project, my heartfelt wishes for success.”

17. Cheers to Your Future

An informal yet professional way to express optimism about someone’s future.
Example: “As you graduate from the training program, cheers to your future!”

18. Onward and Upward

Encourages progress and success in someone’s career or personal development.
Example: “After successfully completing this phase, onward and upward!”

19. Good Luck in All You Do

A broad, encouraging phrase suitable for a variety of professional situations.
Example: “As you juggle multiple projects, good luck in all you do.”

20. Wishing You Success

Appropriate in any professional context to express a desire for someone’s success.
Example: “As you embark on this new challenge, I’m wishing you success.”

Linda Brown