What Is Another Way to Say “Able To”?

Looking for synonyms for able to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say able to.

  • Capable of
  • Competent to
  • Qualified to
  • Equipped to
  • Fit to
  • Prepared to
  • Skilled at
  • Proficient in
  • Adequate for
  • Suited to
  • Adapted for
  • Up to
  • Empowered to
  • Authorized to
  • Ready for
  • Trained for
  • Experienced in
  • Knowledgeable about
  • Talented in
  • Versed in

Want to learn how to say able to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Capable of

Use when someone has the ability or qualities to do something.
Example: “The engineer is capable of designing complex systems.”

2. Competent to

Appropriate for having the necessary ability or knowledge.
Example: “She is competent to lead the project, given her expertise.”

3. Qualified to

Used for having the proper credentials or qualifications.
Example: “He is qualified to practice law in multiple states.”

4. Equipped to

Ideal for having the necessary tools or skills.
Example: “Our team is well equipped to handle these technical challenges.”

5. Fit to

Use when someone is in a suitable condition to do something.
Example: “After thorough training, she is fit to manage the department.”

6. Prepared to

Appropriate for being ready and able to do something.
Example: “We are prepared to commence the new marketing strategy.”

7. Skilled at

Used for being proficient in a particular area.
Example: “He is highly skilled at data analysis and interpretation.”

8. Proficient in

Ideal for having expertise or skill in a particular area.
Example: “She is proficient in several programming languages.”

9. Adequate for

Use when someone’s abilities are sufficient for a particular task.
Example: “His experience is adequate for the demands of the role.”

10. Suited to

Appropriate for being appropriate or well-matched for something.
Example: “Her skills are particularly suited to graphic design.”

11. Adapted for

Used for being modified or suitable for a specific purpose.
Example: “This software is specially adapted for educational use.”

12. Up to

Ideal for being capable of meeting the demands of something.
Example: “Are you up to the challenge of leading this high-profile project?”

13. Empowered to

Use when someone is given the authority or power to do something.
Example: “The committee is empowered to make important decisions.”

14. Authorized to

Appropriate for having official permission.
Example: “She is authorized to access the confidential files.”

15. Ready for

Used for being fully prepared for something.
Example: “The team is ready for the product launch next week.”

16. Trained for

Ideal for having been taught and prepared for a specific task.
Example: “The employees have been trained for handling customer queries efficiently.”

17. Experienced in

Use when someone has knowledge gained through experience.
Example: “He is experienced in managing international teams.”

18. Knowledgeable about

Appropriate for having a lot of knowledge about something.
Example: “She is highly knowledgeable about digital marketing trends.”

19. Talented in

Used for having a natural aptitude or skill.
Example: “This young musician is exceptionally talented in composing.”

20. Versed in

Ideal for being knowledgeable or experienced in a particular area.
Example: “Our legal advisor is well versed in corporate law.”

Linda Brown