What Is Another Way to Say “Big Deal”?

Looking for synonyms for big deal? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say big deal.

  • Major event
  • Significant matter
  • Important issue
  • Substantial affair
  • Momentous occasion
  • Major occurrence
  • Noteworthy happening
  • Considerable event
  • Serious matter
  • Vital concern
  • Crucial issue
  • Paramount affair
  • Weighty matter
  • Monumental event
  • Pivotal occurrence
  • Critical issue
  • Key concern
  • Significant development
  • Major milestone
  • Historic event

Want to learn how to say big deal professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Major event

Use when: Referring to a significant or large-scale happening.
Example: “The product launch next month is a major event for our company.”

2. Significant matter

Use when: Indicating an issue or topic of considerable importance.
Example: “The merger discussion is a significant matter for both companies’ futures.”

3. Important issue

Use when: Describing a subject or problem of great relevance or significance.
Example: “Addressing environmental impact is an important issue for our corporate social responsibility strategy.”

4. Substantial affair

Use when: Referring to something of considerable size, importance, or worth.
Example: “The annual general meeting is a substantial affair, requiring months of preparation.”

5. Momentous occasion

Use when: Indicating a period or event of great importance or significance.
Example: “The signing of this partnership agreement is a momentous occasion for our organization.”

6. Major occurrence

Use when: Describing an event or incident of significant size or impact.
Example: “The CEO’s resignation was a major occurrence that affected the entire company.”

7. Noteworthy happening

Use when: Indicating an occurrence that is remarkable or deserving attention.
Example: “The breakthrough in our research is a noteworthy happening for the scientific community.”

8. Considerable event

Use when: Referring to an event or happening of significant size, amount, or importance.
Example: “Securing this contract is a considerable event for our growing business.”

9. Serious matter

Use when: Describing a situation or subject requiring careful consideration or solemnity.
Example: “Data security breaches are a serious matter that all employees should be aware of.”

10. Vital concern

Use when: Indicating something of crucial importance.
Example: “Employee well-being is a vital concern in our workplace culture.”

11. Crucial issue

Use when: Describing an extremely important or decisive topic or problem.
Example: “Sustainability is a crucial issue that drives our company’s innovation efforts.”

12. Paramount affair

Use when: Referring to something that is of utmost importance.
Example: “Maintaining high ethical standards is a paramount affair for our leadership team.”

13. Weighty matter

Use when: Indicating a matter of great significance or importance.
Example: “The board’s decision on investment strategy is a weighty matter.”

14. Monumental event

Use when: Describing an event of great significance or historical importance.
Example: “Our company’s 50th anniversary is a monumental event, marking half a century of success.”

15. Pivotal occurrence

Use when: Indicating an event or situation of crucial importance.
Example: “The acquisition of the new company was a pivotal occurrence, shaping the future of our business.”

16. Critical issue

Use when: Referring to a problem or situation of great importance that requires urgent attention.
Example: “The critical issue of declining market share requires immediate action.”

17. Key concern

Use when: Describing an important or central issue of concern.
Example: “Customer satisfaction is a key concern in our company’s quality assurance policy.”

18. Significant development

Use when: Indicating an important progress or change.
Example: “The release of our new product line is a significant development for the company.”

19. Major milestone

Use when: Referring to an important stage or event in the development of something.
Example: “Reaching $10 million in sales is a major milestone for our startup.”

20. Historic event

Use when: Describing an event of great importance or significance in history.
Example: “The merger of these two industry giants is a historic event in the business world.”

Linda Brown