What Is Another Way to Say “As Evidenced By”?

Looking for synonyms for as evidenced by? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say as evidenced by.

  • As demonstrated by
  • As shown by
  • As indicated by
  • As revealed by
  • As proven by
  • As illustrated by
  • As supported by
  • As confirmed by
  • As corroborated by
  • As manifested by
  • As exemplified by
  • As attested by
  • As reflected by
  • As underscored by
  • As signified by

Want to learn how to say as evidenced by professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. As Demonstrated by

When to use: Suitable for pointing out a clear example or evidence of a statement or theory.
Example: “The company’s commitment to innovation is as demonstrated by its substantial R&D investment.”

2. As Shown by

When to use: Appropriate for citing evidence or examples that support a claim or observation.
Example: “As shown by the customer survey, there is a high demand for our new product.”

3. As Indicated by

When to use: Ideal for referring to evidence that suggests or points to a particular conclusion.
Example: “The market trends, as indicated by recent studies, show a shift towards sustainable products.”

4. As Revealed by

When to use: Used when disclosing information or data that supports a statement.
Example: “As revealed by the financial reports, the company has doubled its profits from the previous year.”

5. As Proven by

When to use: Suitable for instances where evidence firmly establishes a fact or argument.
Example: “The effectiveness of the new strategy, as proven by the quarterly sales figures, is undeniable.”

6. As Illustrated by

When to use: Appropriate for examples that clearly demonstrate or exemplify a point or concept.
Example: “The need for digital literacy in the workforce, as illustrated by the recent tech advancements, is more important than ever.”

7. As Supported by

When to use: Ideal for referencing evidence that backs up a claim or theory.
Example: “As supported by the latest research, regular training enhances employee productivity.”

8. As Confirmed by

When to use: Used when referring to evidence or information that verifies or substantiates a claim.
Example: “The success of the new policy, as confirmed by the positive feedback, has exceeded our expectations.”

9. As Corroborated by

When to use: Suitable for mentioning additional evidence that provides further confirmation or support.
Example: “The project’s success, as corroborated by independent reviews, has set a new industry standard.”

10. As Manifested by

When to use: Appropriate for situations where evidence is clearly displayed or exhibited.
Example: “The company’s growth, as manifested by its international expansion, is impressive.”

11. As Exemplified by

When to use: Ideal for presenting a prime example that clearly demonstrates a particular point.
Example: “The company’s dedication to customer service, as exemplified by its 24/7 support line, is commendable.”

12. As Attested by

When to use: Used for referring to evidence or testimony that confirms or supports a statement.
Example: “The product’s reliability, as attested by numerous positive customer reviews, is one of its main selling points.”

13. As Reflected by

When to use: Suitable for indicating evidence that mirrors or shows the characteristics of something.
Example: “The team’s hard work, as reflected by the project’s early completion, has been outstanding.”

14. As Underscored by

When to use: Appropriate for emphasizing evidence that highlights or draws attention to a particular point.
Example: “The importance of cybersecurity, as underscored by recent data breaches, cannot be overstated.”

15. As Signified by

When to use: Ideal for instances where evidence symbolizes or represents a larger trend or situation.
Example: “The shift towards remote work, as signified by the increase in virtual meeting platforms, is transforming the corporate landscape.”

Linda Brown