What Is Another Way to Say “Prime Example”?

Looking for synonyms for prime example? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say prime example.

  • Quintessential example
  • Perfect example
  • Classic example
  • Archetypal example
  • Prototypical example
  • Exemplary instance
  • Paradigmatic example
  • Ideal example
  • Textbook example
  • Sterling example
  • Definitive example
  • Ultimate example
  • Epitome
  • Model example
  • Standard example
  • Representative example
  • Shining example
  • Pinnacle example
  • Preeminent example
  • Emblematic example

Want to learn how to say prime example professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Quintessential Example

Appropriate Use: For something that perfectly embodies a particular quality.
Example: “The company’s rapid growth is the quintessential example of successful entrepreneurship.”

2. Perfect Example

Appropriate Use: When something fully represents a particular characteristic or type.
Example: “Her approach to problem-solving is a perfect example of creative thinking.”

3. Classic Example

Appropriate Use: For a typical or very clear instance of something.
Example: “This marketing strategy is a classic example of consumer-focused branding.”

4. Archetypal Example

Appropriate Use: An original model or the most representative example of something.
Example: “His leadership style is the archetypal example of transformational leadership.”

5. Prototypical Example

Appropriate Use: For a typical or first instance that sets a standard for others.
Example: “The software developed by them is a prototypical example of user-friendly design.”

6. Exemplary Instance

Appropriate Use: An instance that is particularly good and worth imitating.
Example: “The recent merger is an exemplary instance of effective corporate synergy.”

7. Paradigmatic Example

Appropriate Use: An example that serves as a model or pattern for something.
Example: “Her career success is a paradigmatic example for aspiring professionals.”

8. Ideal Example

Appropriate Use: For something that is considered a perfect model.
Example: “The policy adopted by the city council is an ideal example of effective urban planning.”

9. Textbook Example

Appropriate Use: An example that perfectly illustrates a rule or principle.
Example: “His negotiation tactics were a textbook example of effective communication skills.”

10. Sterling Example

Appropriate Use: An outstanding or excellent instance of something.
Example: “The charity’s work is a sterling example of community support.”

11. Definitive Example

Appropriate Use: A perfect representation that sets the benchmark.
Example: “The building’s architecture is a definitive example of modernist design.”

12. Ultimate Example

Appropriate Use: The best or most extreme instance of its kind.
Example: “The product’s success is the ultimate example of market demand driving innovation.”

13. Epitome

Appropriate Use: A person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type.
Example: “She is the epitome of professionalism in her field.”

14. Model Example

Appropriate Use: An exemplary instance serving as a model.
Example: “His work ethic is a model example for the entire team.”

15. Standard Example

Appropriate Use: An example that is typical or regular.
Example: “This case study is a standard example used in business schools.”

16. Representative Example

Appropriate Use: An instance that accurately reflects the characteristics of a larger group.
Example: “The survey results are a representative example of consumer preferences.”

17. Shining Example

Appropriate Use: An outstandingly good or impressive instance.
Example: “The company’s commitment to sustainability is a shining example for others in the industry.”

18. Pinnacle Example

Appropriate Use: An instance that represents the highest level of achievement or quality.
Example: “The athlete’s career is the pinnacle example of dedication and skill.”

19. Preeminent Example

Appropriate Use: An instance that surpasses all others in quality or importance.
Example: “The novel is a preeminent example of 20th-century literature.”

20. Emblematic Example

Appropriate Use: An instance that symbolizes or represents a broader idea or principle.
Example: “Their latest product launch is emblematic of the company’s innovative spirit.”

Linda Brown