What Is Another Way to Say “A Few”?

Looking for synonyms for a few? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say a few.

  • Several
  • A handful
  • Some
  • A couple
  • A number of
  • Various
  • A small number
  • A select few
  • A little
  • Multiple
  • A smattering
  • A sprinkling
  • A few scattered
  • A modest amount
  • A limited number
  • Not many
  • A small selection
  • A couple of
  • A few assorted
  • A minority of

Want to learn how to say a few professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Several

Used to indicate more than two but not many.
Example: “Several employees have volunteered for the new project.”

2. A handful

Appropriate for a small number, usually more than one or two but fewer than many.
Example: “A handful of team members are needed to lead the initiative.”

3. Some

Used to refer to an unspecified amount or number.
Example: “Some clients have expressed interest in the new product.”

4. A couple

Appropriate for indicating two items or a small number close to two.
Example: “A couple of adjustments are required to perfect the design.”

5. A number of

Used to signify an indefinite quantity, more than a few but not a large amount.
Example: “A number of suggestions from the survey have been implemented.”

6. Various

Appropriate for indicating a variety of different items or people, but not specifying an amount.
Example: “Various departments will collaborate on this project.”

7. A small number

Used to refer to a quantity that is more than one or two but not large.
Example: “A small number of discrepancies were found in the report.”

8. A select few

Appropriate for indicating a small exclusive group chosen from a larger number.
Example: “A select few employees will be chosen for advanced training.”

9. A little

Used to refer to a small amount, often less than expected.
Example: “We need a little more data to complete the analysis.”

10. Multiple

Appropriate for indicating more than one or two but not a large number.
Example: “Multiple solutions have been proposed for the issue.”

11. A smattering

Used to refer to a small scattered amount or number.
Example: “There was only a smattering of positive responses in the feedback.”

12. A sprinkling

Appropriate for a small, scattered amount of something.
Example: “A sprinkling of experts from different fields attended the conference.”

13. A few scattered

Used for indicating a small number spread out or dispersed.
Example: “A few scattered opportunities have emerged in the market.”

14. A modest amount

Appropriate for a quantity that is not large but also not insignificant.
Example: “The company has seen a modest amount of growth this quarter.”

15. A limited number

Used to refer to a number that is small and confined within certain limits.
Example: “A limited number of seats are available for the seminar.”

16. Not many

Appropriate for indicating a small quantity, suggesting less than expected.
Example: “Not many changes were required after the review.”

17. A small selection

Used to refer to a small assortment or variety.
Example: “A small selection of products will be featured in the pilot launch.”

18. A couple of

Suitable for indicating two or a few.
Example: “We’ll need a couple of days to finalize the report.”

19. A few assorted

Used to refer to a few different types or varieties.
Example: “The team tried a few assorted approaches to solve the problem.”

20. A minority of

Appropriate for a part of a group that is less than half of the whole.
Example: “A minority of the participants preferred the old system.”

Linda Brown