What Is Another Way to Say “Worked Out”?

Looking for synonyms for worked out? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say worked out.

  • Resolved
  • Settled
  • Solved
  • Concluded
  • Finalized
  • Completed
  • Sorted
  • Ironed out
  • Rectified
  • Accomplished
  • Achieved
  • Negotiated
  • Fixed
  • Determined
  • Reconciled

Want to learn how to say worked out professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Resolved

Use ‘resolved’ when an issue or conflict has been addressed and a solution has been found.
Example: “The team successfully resolved the technical issue affecting the software.”

2. Settled

‘Settled’ is appropriate for situations where an agreement or decision has been reached after a dispute or negotiation.
Example: “After lengthy discussions, the contract terms were finally settled.”

3. Solved

Use ‘solved’ to indicate that a problem or puzzle has been figured out or answered.
Example: “The engineering challenge was efficiently solved by our research team.”

4. Concluded

‘Concluded’ is suitable for situations where something has been brought to an end, typically after careful consideration or negotiation.
Example: “The merger negotiations were successfully concluded last week.”

5. Finalized

Use ‘finalized’ to indicate that something has been completed and is now in its final form.
Example: “The project plan was reviewed and finalized in the meeting.”

6. Completed

‘Completed’ is used to describe something that has been finished entirely.
Example: “The construction of the new office building was completed ahead of schedule.”

7. Sorted

Use ‘sorted’ in informal contexts to describe resolving a problem or arranging things properly.
Example: “We have sorted the issue with the client’s account.”

8. Ironed out

‘Ironed out’ is appropriate for resolving smaller issues or details within a larger problem.
Example: “The team ironed out all the discrepancies in the financial report.”

9. Rectified

Use ‘rectified’ when an error or problem has been corrected.
Example: “The accounting error was quickly identified and rectified by the staff.”

10. Accomplished

‘Accomplished’ is suitable for describing a task that has been completed successfully.
Example: “The team accomplished all their quarterly goals.”

11. Achieved

Use ‘achieved’ to describe successfully reaching a goal or objective.
Example: “The company achieved its target of reducing energy consumption.”

12. Negotiated

‘Negotiated’ is used when an agreement has been reached after discussion with others.
Example: “The terms of the partnership were carefully negotiated by both companies.”

13. Fixed

Use ‘fixed’ to describe a problem that has been repaired or resolved.
Example: “The software bug was identified and fixed by the developers.”

14. Determined

‘Determined’ is appropriate for situations where a conclusive decision has been made.
Example: “The strategy for the upcoming fiscal year was determined in the annual meeting.”

15. Reconciled

Use ‘reconciled’ in contexts where differences have been resolved or where there has been a return to harmony.
Example: “The conflicting data in the two reports were reconciled by the audit team.”

Linda Brown