What Is Another Way to Say “At First Glance”?

Looking for synonyms for at first glance? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say at first glance.

  • At first sight
  • Initially
  • On the surface
  • At a glance
  • Upon first viewing
  • At the outset
  • On first inspection
  • On initial observation
  • At the first look
  • To the casual observer
  • When first seen
  • At the first examination
  • At a casual glance
  • In the first instance
  • On a cursory look
  • From the first impression
  • Upon initial examination
  • At the preliminary view
  • On a first glimpse
  • At the first instance

Want to learn how to say at first glance professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. At First Sight

Appropriate Use: Suitable for an immediate impression or initial perception.
Example: “The problem seemed simple at first sight, but revealed its complexity upon closer examination.”

2. Initially

Appropriate Use: Ideal for referring to the beginning or first stage of something.
Example: “Initially, the data didn’t seem to indicate a trend, but further analysis proved otherwise.”

3. On the Surface

Appropriate Use: Best for describing an observation that may not reflect deeper complexities.
Example: “On the surface, the company’s financials looked stable, but there were underlying risks.”

4. At a Glance

Appropriate Use: Suitable for something observed or understood quickly.
Example: “At a glance, the report summarized the project’s key points efficiently.”

5. Upon First Viewing

Appropriate Use: Ideal for the initial observation or consideration of something.
Example: “Upon first viewing, the design appeared to meet all our criteria.”

6. At the Outset

Appropriate Use: Best for describing the beginning or initial stage of an observation.
Example: “At the outset of the research, the hypothesis seemed unlikely.”

7. On First Inspection

Appropriate Use: Suitable for an initial examination or review of something.
Example: “On first inspection, the building appeared to be in good condition.”

8. On Initial Observation

Appropriate Use: Ideal for the first or preliminary observation of a situation.
Example: “On initial observation, the market trend seemed to favor our new product.”

9. At the First Look

Appropriate Use: Best for the very first impression or view of something.
Example: “At the first look, the contract seemed straightforward.”

10. To the Casual Observer

Appropriate Use: Suitable for an observation made without detailed analysis.
Example: “To the casual observer, the workflow process might seem overly complex.”

11. When First Seen

Appropriate Use: Ideal for the initial sighting or encountering of something.
Example: “When first seen, the software’s interface can be quite intimidating.”

12. At the First Examination

Appropriate Use: Best for the initial review or analysis of something.
Example: “At the first examination, the proposal lacked certain key details.”

13. At a Casual Glance

Appropriate Use: Suitable for a quick or superficial look at something.
Example: “At a casual glance, the financial figures appeared promising.”

14. In the First Instance

Appropriate Use: Ideal for the first occurrence or initial stage of something.
Example: “In the first instance, the team’s response to the challenge was not ideal.”

15. On a Cursory Look

Appropriate Use: Best for a quick and not thorough observation.
Example: “On a cursory look, the plan seems to cover all the bases.”

16. From the First Impression

Appropriate Use: Suitable for the initial perception or reaction to something.
Example: “From the first impression, the candidate seemed highly qualified.”

17. Upon Initial Examination

Appropriate Use: Ideal for an early or preliminary investigation or study.
Example: “Upon initial examination, the site appeared suitable for construction.”

18. At the Preliminary View

Appropriate Use: Best for an initial or early assessment of a situation.
Example: “At the preliminary view, the data supports the feasibility of the project.”

19. On a First Glimpse

Appropriate Use: Suitable for the very first brief or quick look at something.
Example: “On a first glimpse, the layout of the office seemed efficient.”

20. At the First Instance

Appropriate Use: Ideal for the initial occurrence or moment of noticing something.
Example: “At the first instance, the terms of the deal seemed favorable.”

Linda Brown