What Is Another Way to Say “Went Over”?

Looking for synonyms for went over? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say went over.

  • Reviewed
  • Examined
  • Analyzed
  • Scrutinized
  • Inspected
  • Studied
  • Perused
  • Revisited
  • Checked
  • Investigated
  • Evaluated
  • Assessed
  • Considered
  • Looked over
  • Explored
  • Pored over
  • Deliberated on
  • Sifted through
  • Dissected
  • Surveyed

Want to learn how to say went over professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Reviewed

Used when discussing a formal assessment or examination of something.
Example: “The team reviewed the project proposal before the meeting.”

2. Examined

Appropriate for a detailed inspection or analysis of an item or situation.
Example: “The doctor examined the patient’s medical records for a better diagnosis.”

3. Analyzed

Suitable for a thorough and detailed examination of elements or structure.
Example: “The data was carefully analyzed to identify emerging market trends.”

4. Scrutinized

Used when something is being examined very carefully, often in a critical way.
Example: “The contract was scrutinized for any potential legal issues.”

5. Inspected

Appropriate for looking at something carefully in order to ascertain its condition.
Example: “The safety officer inspected the equipment before use.”

6. Studied

Refers to the act of examining something closely and deliberately.
Example: “She studied the company’s financial statements in depth.”

7. Perused

Used for reading or examining something, usually in a more leisurely or thorough way.
Example: “He perused the report to understand the full context.”

8. Revisited

Suitable for examining or considering something again, especially to reevaluate.
Example: “We revisited the strategy to ensure it aligned with our objectives.”

9. Checked

Used for a general examination or verification.
Example: “The technician checked the system to ensure it was functioning properly.”

10. Investigated

Appropriate for a detailed or careful examination in order to discover facts.
Example: “The committee investigated the discrepancies in the financial records.”

11. Evaluated

Used when making a judgment about the value, performance, or nature of something.
Example: “The project’s success was evaluated based on several key indicators.”

12. Assessed

Similar to evaluated, but often used in more formal assessments.
Example: “The risks were thoroughly assessed before proceeding with the plan.”

13. Considered

Suitable for thinking about or looking at something attentively.
Example: “All options were carefully considered before making a decision.”

14. Looked over

Used for a general or cursory examination.
Example: “She looked over the draft to check for any obvious errors.”

15. Explored

Appropriate for investigating or discussing something thoroughly.
Example: “Different marketing strategies were explored during the brainstorming session.”

16. Pored over

Refers to studying or reading something with great attention to detail.
Example: “He pored over the historical documents for hours.”

17. Deliberated on

Used when carefully considering or discussing something.
Example: “The board deliberated on the proposal for several hours.”

18. Sifted through

Appropriate for going through a large amount of information or material carefully.
Example: “The researcher sifted through mountains of data to find relevant statistics.”

19. Dissected

Used for analyzing something in great detail.
Example: “The team dissected the feedback to understand customer needs better.”

20. Surveyed

Refers to looking over or examining the extent, condition, or nature of something.
Example: “The manager surveyed employee satisfaction through a comprehensive survey.”

Linda Brown