What Is Another Way to Say “Wallow in Self-Pity”?

Looking for synonyms for wallow in self-pity? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say wallow in self-pity.

  • Indulge in self-pity
  • Dwell on one’s misfortunes
  • Lament over oneself
  • Bemoan one’s fate
  • Feel sorry for oneself
  • Mope around
  • Brood over sorrows
  • Sulk in despair
  • Stew in one’s misery
  • Bathe in self-pity
  • Be consumed by sorrow
  • Engulf oneself in grief
  • Obsess over hardships
  • Sink into despondency
  • Revel in one’s woes

Want to learn how to say wallow in self-pity professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Indulge in self-pity

Appropriate Use: Suitable for excessively feeling sorry for oneself.
Example: “After the project’s failure, he began to indulge in self-pity instead of seeking constructive feedback.”

2. Dwell on one’s misfortunes

Appropriate Use: Ideal for spending too much time thinking about one’s problems or failures.
Example: “She tends to dwell on her misfortunes, which affects her work performance.”

3. Lament over oneself

Appropriate Use: Used for expressing sorrow or regret about oneself.
Example: “The manager lamented over himself for the missed opportunities in the market.”

4. Bemoan one’s fate

Appropriate Use: Suitable for expressing discontent or sorrow over one’s situation.
Example: “He constantly bemoans his fate instead of adapting to industry changes.”

5. Feel sorry for oneself

Appropriate Use: Refers to pitying oneself in excess.
Example: “She felt sorry for herself after being passed over for the promotion.”

6. Mope around

Appropriate Use: Used for being gloomy, and inactive due to self-pity.
Example: “After the critical feedback, he just moped around the office.”

7. Brood over sorrows

Appropriate Use: Ideal for thinking deeply about one’s sadness or troubles.
Example: “He’s been brooding over his sorrows since the company downsized.”

8. Sulk in despair

Appropriate Use: Suitable for being silently resentful and consumed by one’s own disappointments.
Example: “She sulked in despair after her project proposal was rejected.”

9. Stew in one’s misery

Appropriate Use: Refers to being consumed by one’s own unhappiness or problems.
Example: “The team leader stewed in his misery following the failed product launch.”

10. Bathe in self-pity

Appropriate Use: Used for indulging excessively in self-pity.
Example: “Since the market downturn, he has been bathing in self-pity.”

11. Be consumed by sorrow

Appropriate Use: Ideal for being overwhelmed by one’s own sadness.
Example: “He was consumed by sorrow after his business partner left.”

12. Engulf oneself in grief

Appropriate Use: Suitable for being completely absorbed in one’s own grief.
Example: “She engulfed herself in grief following the loss of her major client.”

13. Obsess over hardships

Appropriate Use: Refers to excessively focusing on one’s difficulties or troubles.
Example: “The entrepreneur obsesses over hardships instead of focusing on solutions.”

14. Sink into despondency

Appropriate Use: Used for becoming disheartened or losing hope.
Example: “He sank into despondency after several unsuccessful job interviews.”

15. Revel in one’s woes

Appropriate Use: Ideal for taking a perverse pleasure in one’s own troubles.
Example: “Rather than seeking help, she seems to revel in her woes.”

Linda Brown