What Is Another Way to Say “Very Few”?

Looking for synonyms for very few? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say very few.

  • Handful
  • Sparse
  • Minimal
  • Scarce
  • Limited
  • Few and far between
  • Meager
  • Slight
  • Nominal
  • Barely any
  • Infrequent
  • Scant
  • Negligible
  • Paltry
  • A smattering

Want to learn how to say very few professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Handful

Used to describe a small number, often more than two but less than five.
Example: “Only a handful of employees have specialized training in cybersecurity.”

2. Sparse

Appropriate when something is thinly dispersed or scattered.
Example: “The company’s presence in the region is sparse, with only a few offices.”

3. Minimal

Suitable for situations where the quantity or degree is the smallest possible.
Example: “The project had minimal impact on the company’s overall revenue.”

4. Scarce

Used when resources or quantities are hard to come by or are in short supply.
Example: “Qualified candidates for the position are scarce.”

5. Limited

Appropriate for situations where there’s a small amount available.
Example: “We have limited resources to allocate to the new project.”

6. Few and Far Between

Ideal for describing occurrences that are rare or uncommon.
Example: “Meetings that run over two hours are few and far between in our office.”

7. Meager

Used to describe something small in quantity and often unsatisfactory in quality.
Example: “The department’s budget for this year is meager.”

8. Slight

Appropriate for a small amount, degree, or rate.
Example: “There was only a slight increase in sales last quarter.”

9. Nominal

Suitable for amounts that are very small or existing in name only.
Example: “The fee for renewing the membership is nominal.”

10. Barely Any

Used to emphasize an extremely small amount.
Example: “There were barely any responses to the customer feedback survey.”

11. Infrequent

Ideal for situations where occurrences are rare or not often.
Example: “Infrequent communication from the head office has been a concern.”

12. Scant

Appropriate for an amount that is barely sufficient or not quite enough.
Example: “The project was completed with scant resources.”

13. Negligible

Used for amounts so small that they are not worth considering.
Example: “The error margin in the data was negligible.”

14. Paltry

Suitable for a ridiculously or insultingly small amount.
Example: “The paltry sum offered for the project did not cover basic expenses.”

15. A Smattering

Appropriate for a small amount of something, often scattered or spread out.
Example: “There was only a smattering of relevant data in the report.”

Linda Brown