What Is Another Way to Say “Unrequited Love”?

Looking for synonyms for unrequited love? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say unrequited love.

  • Unreciprocated love
  • Unreturned love
  • Unanswered love
  • One-sided love
  • Unfulfilled love
  • Unreciprocated affection
  • Unshared love
  • Unacknowledged love
  • Unrequited affection
  • Unresponded love
  • Unreciprocated feelings
  • Unmatched love
  • Unrequited feelings
  • Unreciprocated desire
  • Unaccepted love

Want to learn how to say unrequited love professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Unreciprocated Love

Appropriate when feelings of love are not returned by the other person.

  • Example: “Despite his deep feelings, he suffered from unreciprocated love.”

2. Unreturned Love

Used when someone’s love is not given back by the object of their affection.

  • Example: “Her unreturned love for her childhood friend remained a silent part of her life.”

3. Unanswered Love

Indicates love that is not acknowledged or responded to by the other party.

  • Example: “He wrote many letters, but his unanswered love left him disheartened.”

4. One-sided Love

Describes a situation where love is felt by only one person in a relationship or potential relationship.

  • Example: “She realized that what she thought was a budding romance was actually one-sided love.”

5. Unfulfilled Love

Refers to love that cannot be realized or consummated, often due to external circumstances.

  • Example: “Their unfulfilled love was the result of being born into feuding families.”

6. Unreciprocated Affection

Similar to unreciprocated love, but can also apply to platonic or familial relationships.

  • Example: “His unreciprocated affection for his mentor turned into a source of growth and self-discovery.”

7. Unshared Love

Emphasizes that the love is not mutual between the two parties.

  • Example: “They remained friends, even though her feelings of unshared love never faded.”

8. Unacknowledged Love

Refers to love that is ignored or purposely not recognized by the other person.

  • Example: “Living with unacknowledged love, he chose to cherish the moments they shared regardless.”

9. Unrequited Affection

A broader term that can include romantic love, crushes, or deep feelings that are not returned.

  • Example: “Her diary was a testament to years of unrequited affection for her best friend.”

10. Unresponded Love

Indicates love that has been expressed but not responded to, highlighting the lack of closure.

  • Example: “His unresponded love after the confession made their friendship awkward.”

11. Unreciprocated Feelings

Can apply to a variety of emotions beyond love, including friendship or admiration, that are not returned.

  • Example: “She struggled to move past her unreciprocated feelings, seeking solace in her art.”

12. Unmatched Love

Suggests that the intensity or type of love is not the same on both sides.

  • Example: “In the end, his unmatched love did not diminish his wish for her happiness.”

13. Unrequited Feelings

A general term for any feelings of affection that are not returned.

  • Example: “He eventually found peace, accepting his unrequited feelings as a part of his past.”

14. Unreciprocated Desire

Focuses specifically on the aspect of desire within love that is not returned.

  • Example: “Her unreciprocated desire led her to question the nature of her own affections.”

15. Unaccepted Love

Highlights the outright rejection or non-acceptance of one’s love by another.

  • Example: “Despite the pain of unaccepted love, he grew to understand the importance of self-love.”

Linda Brown