What Is Another Way to Say “Under Construction”?

Looking for synonyms for under construction? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say under construction.

  • Being built
  • In development
  • Under development
  • In progress
  • Being constructed
  • Undergoing construction
  • In the works
  • On the drawing board
  • In the pipeline
  • Under erection
  • Being erected
  • In construction
  • Under assembly
  • Being developed
  • Undergoing development

Want to learn how to say under construction professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Being Built

Appropriate for physical structures or establishments that are currently in the construction phase.

  • Example: “The new corporate headquarters is being built and is slated for completion next year.”

2. In Development

Used for software, projects, or plans that are currently being worked on and have not yet been completed.

  • Example: “Our new software platform is in development and will feature advanced analytics capabilities.”

3. Under Development

Similar to “In Development,” but can also apply to real estate projects, community plans, or products.

  • Example: “The waterfront area is under development, with plans for both commercial and residential spaces.”

4. In Progress

A broad term that can apply to any task, project, or construction that has started but is not yet complete.

  • Example: “Renovations of the downtown library are in progress and should conclude by fall.”

5. Being Constructed

Specifically refers to the physical act of building something, such as buildings, roads, or bridges.

  • Example: “A new pedestrian bridge is being constructed over the river to improve city walkability.”

6. Undergoing Construction

Emphasizes the process of construction on projects, often used to indicate that an area may be inaccessible or in a state of transition.

  • Example: “The park is undergoing construction to install new playground equipment and lighting.”

7. In the Works

Informal term suggesting that something is being planned or developed, not necessarily limited to physical construction.

  • Example: “A comprehensive update to our training program is in the works to better meet employee needs.”

8. On the Drawing Board

Indicates that a project is in the early planning stages and has not yet moved to physical construction or development.

  • Example: “A new high-speed rail system is still on the drawing board, with feasibility studies currently underway.”

9. In the Pipeline

Suggests that a project or development is planned and awaiting action or in the early stages of development.

  • Example: “Several new product lines are in the pipeline, expected to launch over the next two years.”

10. Under Erection

A more technical term, often used in engineering or construction, indicating the physical assembly of structures.

  • Example: “The steel framework for the new museum is under erection and will be completed next month.”

11. Being Erected

Similar to “Under Erection,” explicitly referring to the construction of buildings or structures.

  • Example: “A new monument is being erected in the city center to honor historical figures.”

12. In Construction

A general term that applies to any building or infrastructure project that is currently being built.

  • Example: “The highway extension is in construction and expected to cause traffic delays for several months.”

13. Under Assembly

Often used for machinery, vehicles, or equipment, indicating the process of putting together various components.

  • Example: “The prototype for our latest drone model is under assembly and will undergo testing next week.”

14. Being Developed

Can refer to projects, systems, or strategies that are in the process of being created or formulated.

  • Example: “A new environmental policy is being developed to address the recent increase in pollution levels.”

15. Undergoing Development

Similar to “Being Developed,” but with an emphasis on the ongoing process and progress of development.

  • Example: “The company’s digital transformation strategy is undergoing development and will shape future operations.”

Linda Brown