What Is Another Way to Say “Took Away”?

Looking for synonyms for took away? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say took away.

  • Removed
  • Extracted
  • Withdrawn
  • Confiscated
  • Seized
  • Appropriated
  • Subtracted
  • Eliminated
  • Deducted
  • Dispossessed

Want to learn how to say took away professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Removed

Used to describe the action of taking something away or off from a place or position.

Example: The outdated equipment was removed from the lab to make space for the new technology.

2. Extracted

Appropriate for situations where something is taken out, often with effort or skill.

Example: Valuable data was extracted from the old database for the research project.

3. Withdrawn

Used when something is taken back or removed, often from a place or a situation.

Example: The company’s proposal was withdrawn after considering the stakeholders’ feedback.

4. Confiscated

Suitable for situations where items are taken away as a penalty or for legal reasons.

Example: Unauthorized devices were confiscated at the security checkpoint.

5. Seized

Used in contexts where something is taken forcefully or with authority.

Example: The counterfeit products were seized by customs officials.

6. Appropriated

Appropriate for situations where something is taken for a specific use, often without permission.

Example: The committee appropriated funds from the budget for emergency expenses.

7. Subtracted

Used in mathematical or figurative contexts, indicating something being taken away, leading to a reduction.

Example: After the errors were identified, the incorrect figures were subtracted from the total.

8. Eliminated

Suitable for contexts where something is completely removed or gotten rid of.

Example: Inefficiencies in the production process were eliminated to improve overall productivity.

9. Deducted

Used when an amount or number is taken away from a total, especially in financial contexts.

Example: The travel expenses were deducted from the employee’s reimbursement claim.

10. Dispossessed

Appropriate for situations where someone is deprived of property, land, or rights, often in legal or formal contexts.

Example: The landowners were dispossessed of their properties due to the new governmental regulations.

Linda Brown