What Is Another Way to Say “Thinking About It”?

Looking for synonyms for thinking about it? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say thinking about it.

  • Contemplating
  • Pondering
  • Considering
  • Mulling over
  • Reflecting on
  • Deliberating
  • Ruminating on
  • Weighing up
  • Meditating on
  • Brooding over
  • Cogitating
  • Turning over in one’s mind
  • Dwelling on
  • Reviewing
  • Examining
  • Assessing
  • Analyzing
  • Scrutinizing
  • Evaluating
  • Thinking over

Want to learn how to say thinking about it professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Contemplating

Appropriate for considering something deeply or thoroughly.
Example: She is contemplating the implications of the new policy on our operational efficiency.

2. Pondering

Suitable for thinking about something carefully, especially before making a decision.
Example: He spent the afternoon pondering the feedback from his team.

3. Considering

Used when thinking about a particular choice or decision.
Example: We are considering your proposal and will make a decision by next week.

4. Mulling over

Ideal for thinking about something for a long time.
Example: I’ve been mulling over the details of the project plan.

5. Reflecting on

When taking time to think deeply or carefully about something.
Example: She is reflecting on the outcomes of the last marketing campaign.

6. Deliberating

Suitable for careful consideration before making a decision.
Example: The board is currently deliberating on the proposed merger.

7. Ruminating on

When thinking deeply about something for a prolonged period.
Example: He’s been ruminating on the feedback from the client for several days.

8. Weighing up

Appropriate for considering the pros and cons of different options.
Example: We are weighing up the benefits of remote work versus in-office collaboration.

9. Meditating on

Ideal for thinking deeply or focusing one’s mind for a period.
Example: She is meditating on the best approach to tackle the new project challenges.

10. Brooding over

When one is preoccupied with a thought, often in a worried or unhappy manner.
Example: He has been brooding over the potential risks involved in the venture.

11. Cogitating

Suitable for thinking deeply and carefully about something.
Example: She’s been cogitating on how to improve team productivity.

12. Turning over in one’s mind

When considering something from various angles or perspectives.
Example: I’ve been turning over in my mind the implications of expanding into new markets.

13. Dwelling on

Appropriate for spending a lot of time thinking or worrying about something.
Example: He advised against dwelling on the minor setbacks we’ve encountered.

14. Reviewing

When going over or considering information, situations, or options again.
Example: She is reviewing the project’s progress to determine the next steps.

15. Examining

Suitable for looking at something closely and carefully.
Example: We are examining all options before finalizing our strategy.

16. Assessing

When evaluating or estimating the nature, ability, or quality of something.
Example: The team is currently assessing the impact of recent market changes.

17. Analyzing

Appropriate for examining something methodically and in detail.
Example: He is analyzing the data from the survey to inform our marketing strategy.

18. Scrutinizing

When examining or inspecting closely and thoroughly.
Example: The proposal is being scrutinized for any potential legal issues.

19. Evaluating

Suitable for judging or determining the significance, worth, or quality of something.
Example: She is evaluating the effectiveness of the new software.

20. Thinking over

Ideal for considering something, especially with the intention of making a decision later.
Example: I need some time to think over your offer before I can give you an answer.

Linda Brown