What Is Another Way to Say “Think About”?

Looking for synonyms for think about? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say think about.

  • Consider
  • Contemplate
  • Ponder
  • Reflect on
  • Mull over
  • Deliberate
  • Meditate on
  • Ruminate on
  • Dwell on
  • Chew over
  • Muse on
  • Weigh
  • Reckon with
  • Brood over
  • Speculate on

Want to learn how to say think about professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Consider

Used when giving careful thought to something.
Example: “We need to consider all the implications of the new policy before implementing it.”

2. Contemplate

Suitable for thinking about something as a possible course of action.
Example: “She contemplated expanding her business to new markets.”

3. Ponder

Refers to thinking about something carefully, especially before making a decision.
Example: “He spent the afternoon pondering the feedback from his team.”

4. Reflect on

Used for thinking deeply or carefully about something.
Example: “It’s important to reflect on our successes and failures for continuous improvement.”

5. Mull over

Indicates thinking about something deeply and at length.
Example: “She mulled over the proposal for several days before responding.”

6. Deliberate

Suitable for careful consideration or discussion before making a decision.
Example: “The committee will deliberate on the best course of action.”

7. Meditate on

Refers to focusing one’s thoughts on something for a period.
Example: “He meditated on the potential outcomes of his decision.”

8. Ruminate on

Used when thinking deeply about something for a prolonged period.
Example: “She ruminated on the project’s challenges all weekend.”

9. Dwell on

Suitable for spending a lot of time thinking about something, often something negative.
Example: “It’s not productive to dwell on past mistakes.”

10. Chew over

Indicates considering or pondering something at length.
Example: “We chewed over the new marketing strategy during the meeting.”

11. Muse on

Refers to being absorbed in thought about something.
Example: “He often muses on ways to improve team efficiency.”

12. Weigh

Used for assessing or considering something carefully.
Example: “She weighed the benefits and risks of the new investment opportunity.”

13. Reckon with

Suitable for taking into account or dealing with something.
Example: “The company must reckon with the latest industry regulations.”

14. Brood over

Refers to thinking deeply about something that makes one unhappy.
Example: “He tended to brood over the project’s slow progress.”

15. Speculate on

Used for forming a theory or conjecture about something without firm evidence.
Example: “Analysts often speculate on the future trends in the market.”

Linda Brown