What Is Another Way to Say “Sweet Dreams”?

Looking for synonyms for sweet dreams? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say sweet dreams.

  • Pleasant dreams
  • Goodnight
  • Rest well
  • Sleep tight
  • Dream beautifully
  • Peaceful slumber
  • Have a good sleep
  • Dream sweetly
  • Restful night
  • Serene sleep

Want to learn how to say sweet dreams professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Pleasant Dreams

Used as a friendly farewell in the evening, wishing someone a nice sleep with enjoyable dreams.

Example: After the late-night conference call, she said to her overseas colleagues, “Pleasant dreams!”

2. Goodnight

A common, versatile phrase for concluding conversations or meetings in the evening.

Example: He concluded the team’s virtual meeting by saying, “Goodnight everyone, see you tomorrow.”

3. Rest Well

Appropriate for expressing a wish for a restorative and peaceful night’s sleep.

Example: Before leaving the office, the manager told her team, “Rest well, we have a big day ahead.”

4. Sleep Tight

An informal and friendly way to wish someone a good night’s sleep.

Example: After a long day of team-building activities, the coordinator said, “Sleep tight, everyone!”

5. Dream Beautifully

A poetic and warm way to wish someone not just a good sleep, but also delightful dreams.

Example: At the end of the company’s retreat, the host said, “Dream beautifully tonight, you’ve all earned it.”

6. Peaceful Slumber

Used when wishing someone a calm and undisturbed sleep.

Example: The night shift supervisor told her team, “Have a peaceful slumber after your shift.”

7. Have a Good Sleep

A straightforward, well-wishing phrase for a good night’s rest.

Example: Before logging off, the project leader told the team, “Have a good sleep, we’ll tackle the challenges fresh in the morning.”

8. Dream Sweetly

A gentle and caring way to wish someone pleasant dreams.

Example: As the webinar ended late in the evening, the host said, “Thank you for joining, and dream sweetly.”

9. Restful Night

Wishing someone a night of restful, undisturbed sleep, especially after a taxing day.

Example: “I hope you all have a restful night,” said the CEO after an intense day of strategic planning.

10. Serene Sleep

Used to wish someone a tranquil and peaceful sleep, often after a stressful period.

Example: After completing the deadline, the team leader said, “You all did great. Now go have a serene sleep.”

Linda Brown