What Is Another Way to Say “Speaking Of”?

Looking for synonyms for speaking of? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say speaking of.

  • Regarding
  • Concerning
  • On the subject of
  • In relation to
  • With reference to
  • Pertaining to
  • In regard to
  • As for
  • In terms of
  • As regards

Want to learn how to say speaking of professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Regarding

Used to introduce a topic or shift the discussion to a new topic related to the previous one.

Example: Regarding the marketing strategy, we need to consider the latest market trends.

2. Concerning

Appropriate for introducing a topic that relates to or affects something.

Example: Concerning the budget cuts, we must reassess our project priorities.

3. On the subject of

Used to transition to a topic that has been mentioned or is relevant to the current discussion.

Example: On the subject of team expansion, I propose we start recruiting next month.

4. In relation to

Used when introducing a topic that is connected or associated with a previous point.

Example: In relation to your report, I have some suggestions for improvement.

5. With reference to

Appropriate for formally introducing a specific topic or point that was previously mentioned or understood.

Example: With reference to your earlier email, I have updated the project timeline.

6. Pertaining to

Suitable for introducing topics that are specifically relevant or related to the subject at hand.

Example: Pertaining to the client’s feedback, we need to adjust our approach.

7. In regard to

Used to introduce a topic or point of discussion that is relevant to the current subject.

Example: In regard to the annual review, it will be scheduled for next Thursday.

8. As for

Suitable for switching to a new but related topic or addressing a specific aspect of a broader discussion.

Example: As for the sales forecast, it predicts a 20% increase next quarter.

9. In terms of

Used when introducing a specific aspect or perspective of a broader topic.

Example: In terms of usability, the new software is far superior to its predecessor.

10. As regards

Appropriate for formally introducing a topic or when providing information about it.

Example: As regards the conference, all team members are expected to attend.

Linda Brown