What Is Another Way to Say “In Demand”?

Looking for synonyms for in demand? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say in demand.

  • Sought-after
  • Popular
  • In high demand
  • Coveted
  • Desirable
  • Hot
  • Trending
  • In vogue
  • Favored
  • Requested
  • Much-needed
  • Marketable
  • On the rise
  • Fashionable
  • Preferred
  • Highly valued
  • In great need
  • High in demand
  • Well-liked
  • In favor

Want to learn how to say in demand professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Sought-after

Used to describe something that many people want to have.
Example: “The company’s latest smartphone model is highly sought-after in the tech market.”

Appropriate for something widely liked or appreciated by many people.
Example: “Remote working has become increasingly popular among tech companies.”

3. In High Demand

Indicates that a product or service is very much wanted by many people.
Example: “With the recent tech advancements, data scientists are in high demand.”

4. Coveted

Used for something that is greatly desired or envied.
Example: “The position in the company’s research and development department is highly coveted.”

5. Desirable

Suitable for something that many people find appealing and want to have.
Example: “Eco-friendly practices in businesses have become more desirable in recent years.”

6. Hot

A colloquial term used for something that is currently very popular or fashionable.
Example: “The latest software update is the hot topic in the tech forum.”

Appropriate for something that is currently very popular or receiving a lot of attention.
Example: “Sustainable products are trending in the consumer market.”

8. In Vogue

Indicates that something is in fashion or the current trend.
Example: “Modular and flexible office spaces are in vogue in urban design.”

9. Favored

Used for something that is preferred or liked more than others.
Example: “Electric vehicles are increasingly favored for city commuting.”

10. Requested

Suitable for something that many people are asking for.
Example: “The new software feature has been one of the most requested by users.”

11. Much-needed

Indicates that something is very much needed or necessary.
Example: “The much-needed update to the security system will happen next week.”

12. Marketable

Used for something that can be sold easily because people want it.
Example: “The team’s new invention is highly marketable in the current economic climate.”

13. On the Rise

Indicates something that is becoming more popular or common.
Example: “Freelancing careers are on the rise among young professionals.”

14. Fashionable

Suitable for something that is currently in fashion or considered stylish.
Example: “Using recycled materials in product packaging is becoming quite fashionable.”

15. Preferred

Used for something that is more liked or desired than others.
Example: “Flexible hours are the preferred working condition for many employees.”

16. Highly Valued

Indicates that something is considered to be very important or beneficial.
Example: “In this industry, experience with cloud computing is highly valued.”

17. In Great Need

Used for something that is very much needed or necessary.
Example: “Skilled software developers are in great need in the current tech boom.”

18. High in Demand

Similar to ‘in high demand’, used for something that many people want.
Example: “Renewable energy solutions are high in demand due to environmental concerns.”

19. Well-liked

Indicates something that is liked by many people.
Example: “The company’s wellness program is well-liked by its employees.”

20. In Favor

Used for something that is currently supported or approved by many people.
Example: “Eco-friendly policies are in favor among the new generation of consumers.”

Linda Brown