What Is Another Way to Say “Soon to Be”?

Looking for synonyms for soon to be? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say soon to be.

  • Imminent
  • Upcoming
  • Forthcoming
  • Pending
  • On the horizon
  • In the offing
  • Approaching
  • In the pipeline
  • On the verge
  • Nearing
  • About to be
  • Anticipated
  • Expected
  • In the near future
  • On the cards

Want to learn how to say soon to be professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Imminent

“Imminent” is used when something is about to happen very soon, often with a sense of urgency.

Example: “The launch of the new software update is imminent and expected to bring significant changes.”

2. Upcoming

“Upcoming” refers to something that is scheduled to happen in the near future.

Example: “She is preparing for the upcoming international conference in Berlin.”

3. Forthcoming

“Forthcoming” is used when an event is planned to happen soon, often with a specific date in mind.

Example: “The quarterly earnings report is forthcoming next week.”

4. Pending

“Pending” suggests that something is awaiting completion or confirmation and is expected soon.

Example: “The approval of the new policy is still pending, but expected shortly.”

5. On the horizon

“On the horizon” is used metaphorically to indicate that something is going to happen soon, often with a sense of anticipation.

Example: “Major regulatory changes are on the horizon for the financial sector.”

6. In the offing

“In the offing” refers to something that is likely to happen or appear soon.

Example: “With the recent success, a promotion seems to be in the offing for him.”

7. Approaching

“Approaching” is used when an event or time is getting close.

Example: “The approaching deadline for the project submission has the team working overtime.”

8. In the pipeline

“In the pipeline” suggests that something is in progress and will happen soon.

Example: “Several new product lines are in the pipeline for the next fiscal year.”

9. On the verge

“On the verge” is used to describe being very close to a particular event or moment.

Example: “The company is on the verge of a breakthrough in renewable energy technology.”

10. Nearing

“Nearing” implies something is approaching or getting close in time.

Example: “As we are nearing the end of the fiscal year, budget reviews are becoming more frequent.”

11. About to be

“About to be” indicates that something is on the point of happening.

Example: “She is about to be promoted to the position of senior manager.”

12. Anticipated

“Anticipated” is used when an event is expected or predicted to happen soon.

Example: “The anticipated merger between the two companies is creating buzz in the industry.”

13. Expected

“Expected” refers to something that is likely to happen based on current information or trends.

Example: “The expected release of the new product has generated excitement among customers.”

14. In the near future

“In the near future” suggests that an event will happen soon, but without a specific time frame.

Example: “We plan to expand our operations in the near future to accommodate growing demand.”

15. On the cards

“On the cards” is a colloquial way of saying that something is likely or planned to happen.

Example: “A team restructuring is on the cards following the recent acquisition.”

Linda Brown