What Is Another Way to Say “Side Hustle”?

Looking for synonyms for side hustle? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say side hustle.

  • Part-time business
  • Freelance gig
  • Moonlighting
  • Secondary job
  • Extra income project
  • Side project
  • Supplementary work
  • Side job
  • Secondary income stream
  • Independent venture
  • Side gig
  • Extra work
  • Secondary employment
  • Off-hours work
  • Ancillary income source

Want to learn how to say side hustle professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Part-time Business

Appropriate Use: Suitable for a small business venture pursued alongside a primary job.
Example: She runs a part-time business designing and selling handmade jewelry online.

2. Freelance Gig

Appropriate Use: Ideal for independent, temporary, or contract work performed in addition to one’s main job.
Example: He picked up a freelance gig as a graphic designer for a local magazine.

3. Moonlighting

Appropriate Use: Used when someone has a second job in addition to their regular, full-time employment, often done after normal working hours.
Example: She’s moonlighting as a fitness instructor on weekday evenings.

4. Secondary Job

Appropriate Use: Suitable for any additional employment taken in addition to a primary job.
Example: His secondary job as a tour guide supplements his income during the summer.

5. Extra Income Project

Appropriate Use: Ideal for a project or endeavor undertaken specifically to earn additional income.
Example: He started an extra income project doing car detailing on weekends.

6. Side Project

Appropriate Use: Used for a task or project undertaken in addition to one’s main job, often driven by personal interest.
Example: She’s working on a side project to develop a mobile app for freelance writers.

7. Supplementary Work

Appropriate Use: Suitable for work done to supplement one’s main source of income.
Example: Her supplementary work as a real estate agent helps pay for her graduate studies.

8. Side Job

Appropriate Use: Ideal for any job or task performed in addition to one’s primary job.
Example: He has a side job as a weekend photographer at weddings.

9. Secondary Income Stream

Appropriate Use: Used to describe an additional source of income apart from the primary job.
Example: Investing in rental properties has become her secondary income stream.

10. Independent Venture

Appropriate Use: Suitable for a business or project run independently, often alongside a main job.
Example: His independent venture into online coaching is starting to gain traction.

11. Side Gig

Appropriate Use: Ideal for small, often temporary, jobs or assignments taken up alongside a main job.
Example: She took up a side gig teaching yoga classes at a local studio.

12. Extra Work

Appropriate Use: Used when referring to additional work undertaken for extra income.
Example: He does extra work as a freelance writer on weekends.

13. Secondary Employment

Appropriate Use: Suitable for any form of additional job or employment besides one’s primary job.
Example: Her secondary employment as a language tutor complements her career as a school teacher.

14. Off-hours Work

Appropriate Use: Ideal for work done outside of regular working hours of one’s primary job.
Example: His off-hours work as a web developer helps him explore new technologies.

15. Ancillary Income Source

Appropriate Use: Used to describe an additional source of income that is secondary to the main source.
Example: Renting out her spare room on weekends has become an ancillary income source.

Linda Brown