What Is Another Way to Say “Seek Out”?

Looking for synonyms for seek out? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say seek out.

  • Search for
  • Look for
  • Hunt for
  • Scout for
  • Pursue
  • Quest for
  • Explore for
  • Probe for
  • Investigate
  • Track down
  • Chase after
  • Discover
  • Scour for
  • Root out
  • Fish for

Want to learn how to say seek out professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Search for

Used when looking for something with effort or thoroughness in a professional context.
Example: “The team continues to search for innovative solutions to improve user experience.”

2. Look for

Suitable for a more casual or general approach to finding something.
Example: “We need to look for a new vendor that aligns with our sustainability goals.”

3. Hunt for

Implies a more active, intensive search, often for something difficult to find.
Example: “The recruiter is on the hunt for top-tier talent in software development.”

4. Scout for

Used in situations where one is exploring or investigating to find something specific.
Example: “Our marketing team is scouting for potential locations for the next campaign shoot.”

5. Pursue

Appropriate when seeking something with determination or a goal in mind.
Example: “The company is pursuing new partnerships to expand its international presence.”

6. Quest for

Implies a dedicated, possibly challenging, search for something significant.
Example: “Our research department is on a quest for a breakthrough in renewable energy.”

7. Explore for

Suitable when searching with an openness to various possibilities or options.
Example: “We are exploring for alternative materials to use in our eco-friendly product line.”

8. Probe for

Used when searching for information in a deep or thorough manner.
Example: “The analyst probed for underlying trends in the market data.”

9. Investigate

Appropriate in formal or systematic searches, especially to uncover facts or information.
Example: “The team is investigating potential causes of the recent drop in sales.”

10. Track down

Indicates a determined effort to find something or someone.
Example: “The project manager worked tirelessly to track down the source of the budget overrun.”

11. Chase after

Used for actively and persistently seeking something, often with a sense of urgency.
Example: “The sales department is chasing after new leads to boost this quarter’s results.”

12. Discover

Suitable for finding something unexpectedly or during a search.
Example: “In their research, they discovered a new approach to data encryption.”

13. Scour for

Implies searching carefully and thoroughly over a wide area or range.
Example: “The procurement team scoured for the best deals on high-quality equipment.”

14. Root out

Used for finding and removing something hidden or difficult to locate.
Example: “The internal audit aimed to root out any instances of financial misconduct.”

15. Fish for

Often used in an informal context to imply searching for something specific, sometimes with subtlety.
Example: “During the meeting, she was fishing for feedback on the new policy changes.”

Linda Brown