What Is Another Way to Say “Right Away”?

Looking for synonyms for right away? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say right away.

  • Immediately
  • Instantly
  • Promptly
  • Directly
  • At once
  • Straightaway
  • Without delay
  • Forthwith
  • Pronto
  • In a flash
  • Posthaste
  • Swiftly
  • On the double
  • In no time
  • Expeditiously
  • Speedily
  • ASAP (As Soon As Possible)
  • In a jiffy
  • Stat
  • Right off the bat

Want to learn how to say right away professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Immediately

Appropriate Use: Used in formal and urgent contexts.
Example: Please address the client’s concerns immediately.

2. Instantly

Appropriate Use: Suitable for situations requiring immediate action.
Example: The team must respond to the system alert instantly.

3. Promptly

Appropriate Use: Often used in business or professional settings.
Example: Submit your report promptly to meet the deadline.

4. Directly

Appropriate Use: Used when no delay is expected after a certain event.
Example: Please call the supplier directly after the meeting concludes.

5. At once

Appropriate Use: Indicates urgency, often in formal requests or commands.
Example: Attend to the customer complaint at once.

6. Straightaway

Appropriate Use: Used in both formal and informal contexts, implies immediate action.
Example: Start processing the order straightaway.

7. Without delay

Appropriate Use: Formal and emphasizes the lack of any waiting period.
Example: The safety inspection should be conducted without delay.

8. Forthwith

Appropriate Use: Very formal, often found in legal or official documents.
Example: The committee must convene forthwith to discuss the new regulations.

9. Pronto

Appropriate Use: Informal and conveys a sense of urgency.
Example: We need those financial analyses done pronto.

10. In a flash

Appropriate Use: Informal and implies very quick action.
Example: Get the presentation ready in a flash for the unexpected meeting.

11. Posthaste

Appropriate Use: Formal and somewhat archaic, used for emphasis.
Example: The audit results must be delivered posthaste.

12. Swiftly

Appropriate Use: Suitable for formal and informal contexts, implies quick action.
Example: The team must act swiftly to resolve the client’s issue.

13. On the double

Appropriate Use: Informal and implies immediate and rapid action.
Example: Finish the data entry on the double; we’re on a tight schedule.

14. In no time

Appropriate Use: Informal, used to imply something will be done very quickly.
Example: The IT team will have the system up and running in no time.

15. Expeditiously

Appropriate Use: Formal, often used in legal or business contexts.
Example: Please process the new applications expeditiously.

16. Speedily

Appropriate Use: Suitable for both formal and informal situations.
Example: The documents must be compiled and sent speedily.

17. ASAP (As Soon As Possible)

Appropriate Use: Widely used in business, conveys urgency without being overly formal.
Example: We need to address these customer service issues ASAP.

18. In a jiffy

Appropriate Use: Informal, implies a task will be done very quickly.
Example: I’ll have those figures to you in a jiffy.

19. Stat

Appropriate Use: Common in medical and urgent contexts, indicates immediate action.
Example: Send the medical reports to the doctor, stat.

20. Right off the bat

Appropriate Use: Informal, implies doing something immediately from the start.
Example: Address the key project risks right off the bat in the meeting.

Linda Brown