What Is Another Way to Say “Rest in Peace”?

Looking for synonyms for rest in peace? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say rest in peace.

  • Sleep in peace
  • Eternal rest
  • Repose in peace
  • Lie in peace
  • Final resting place
  • Peaceful repose
  • Sleep eternally
  • Tranquil rest
  • Eternal slumber
  • Restful eternity
  • Quiet repose
  • Forever at rest
  • Sleep in serenity
  • Eternal tranquility
  • Peaceful slumber

Want to learn how to say rest in peace professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Sleep in Peace

Sleep in Peace is used to express a wish for a peaceful rest after death, often seen in condolences.
Example: We hope that she will sleep in peace now after a life so well-lived.

2. Eternal Rest

Eternal Rest is a formal expression often used in religious contexts to signify everlasting peace after death.
Example: May he find eternal rest and be remembered fondly by all who knew him.

3. Repose in Peace

Repose in Peace is a respectful and formal way to express a peaceful rest after death.
Example: In loving memory, may she repose in peace.

4. Lie in Peace

Lie in Peace is a gentle expression wishing for a tranquil rest after death.
Example: We pray that he lies in peace and his legacy continues to inspire us.

5. Final Resting Place

Final Resting Place refers to the place where one is laid to rest after death, often used in eulogies.
Example: Her final resting place will be beside her beloved husband in the countryside cemetery.

6. Peaceful Repose

Peaceful Repose is used to wish for a serene and calm rest after death.
Example: May his soul find peaceful repose and comfort.

7. Sleep Eternally

Sleep Eternally is an expression wishing for a perpetual and undisturbed rest after death.
Example: She will sleep eternally, leaving behind a legacy of kindness and compassion.

8. Tranquil Rest

Tranquil Rest is a comforting expression wishing for peace and tranquility in rest after death.
Example: We wish him a tranquil rest after a life full of dedication and hard work.

9. Eternal Slumber

Eternal Slumber is a poetic way of expressing an everlasting sleep after death.
Example: In her eternal slumber, may she find the peace she always deserved.

10. Restful Eternity

Restful Eternity is used to express a wish for eternal peace and rest after death.
Example: May he enjoy a restful eternity, free from the pains of the world.

11. Quiet Repose

Quiet Repose implies a peaceful and undisturbed rest after death, often used in solemn tributes.
Example: Her quiet repose will be in the beautiful hills where she grew up.

12. Forever at Rest

Forever at Rest is a phrase indicating a permanent state of peace after death.
Example: Now, forever at rest, she leaves a legacy of love and resilience.

13. Sleep in Serenity

Sleep in Serenity is a gentle expression wishing for a peaceful and serene rest after death.
Example: May he sleep in serenity, surrounded by the love of his family and friends.

14. Eternal Tranquility

Eternal Tranquility signifies a wish for everlasting peace and calm after death.
Example: We hope she finds eternal tranquility and joy in the next life.

15. Peaceful Slumber

Peaceful Slumber is a comforting expression wishing for a restful and peaceful sleep after death.
Example: In his peaceful slumber, may he find the comfort that eluded him in life.

Linda Brown