What Is Another Way to Say “Put Forward”?

Looking for synonyms for put forward? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say put forward.

  • Propose
  • Suggest
  • Submit
  • Present
  • Offer
  • Recommend
  • Advance
  • Introduce
  • Nominate
  • Table
  • Posit
  • Advocate
  • Tender
  • Proffer
  • Bring up

Want to learn how to say put forward professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Propose

Used to present an idea or plan for consideration or discussion.
Example: “I propose we implement a flexible work schedule to improve productivity.”

2. Suggest

Suitable for putting forward an idea or plan for consideration.
Example: “She suggested a new approach to the marketing campaign.”

3. Submit

Used when formally presenting something (like a document or proposal) for consideration.
Example: “We need to submit our project proposal by the end of the week.”

4. Present

Appropriate for formally introducing a topic or idea in a meeting or conference.
Example: “He presented his findings to the board yesterday.”

5. Offer

Used when presenting something for acceptance or rejection.
Example: “The team offered a solution to the client’s problem.”

6. Recommend

Suitable for suggesting something as suitable or beneficial.
Example: “I recommend adopting this new software to streamline our processes.”

7. Advance

Used to put forward a suggestion or idea, often in a formal context.
Example: “The committee will advance several recommendations in the report.”

8. Introduce

Appropriate for bringing something into discussion or use for the first time.
Example: “She introduced a novel concept during the brainstorming session.”

9. Nominate

Used to formally suggest someone for a position or responsibility.
Example: “He was nominated as the lead for the new initiative.”

10. Table

Suitable for formally putting forward a proposal or motion in a meeting.
Example: “We will table the amendment for discussion in the next meeting.”

11. Posit

Used to put forward as a basis of argument or assumption.
Example: “The manager posited that increasing staff would reduce overtime costs.”

12. Advocate

Appropriate for publicly recommending or supporting a particular policy or course of action.
Example: “She advocates for a more inclusive hiring policy in the company.”

13. Tender

Used in a formal context to present something for acceptance.
Example: “The contractor tendered a bid for the new building project.”

14. Proffer

Suitable for offering something for acceptance, especially in a formal way.
Example: “He proffered a new strategy to increase market share.”

15. Bring Up

Used for introducing a topic or issue in a discussion.
Example: “In the meeting, she plans to bring up the need for better communication tools.”

Linda Brown