What Is Another Way to Say “Push Myself”?

Looking for synonyms for push myself? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say push myself.

  • Challenge myself
  • Strive harder
  • Exert myself
  • Go the extra mile
  • Raise the bar
  • Set higher standards
  • Stretch my limits
  • Aim higher
  • Surpass my limits
  • Elevate my efforts
  • Test my boundaries
  • Increase my efforts
  • Step up my game
  • Go beyond my comfort zone
  • Maximize my potential

Want to learn how to say push myself professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Challenge Myself

Challenge Myself is used when seeking to take on tasks or goals that are more difficult than usual, to improve skills or achieve personal growth.
Example: I decided to challenge myself by taking on the leadership role in our next project.

2. Strive Harder

Strive Harder implies making a greater effort than usual, often in pursuit of a challenging goal.
Example: To meet our quarterly targets, I need to strive harder and enhance our team’s performance.

3. Exert Myself

Exert Myself means to put in a considerable amount of effort or energy, typically in physical or intellectual tasks.
Example: I’m ready to exert myself to ensure the success of this new initiative.

4. Go the Extra Mile

Go the Extra Mile is used when doing more than what is required or expected, often to achieve better results or greater satisfaction.
Example: Our team is willing to go the extra mile to deliver exceptional customer service.

5. Raise the Bar

Raise the Bar means to set higher standards or expectations, typically to improve performance or quality.
Example: By introducing advanced training programs, we aim to raise the bar for our team’s professional development.

6. Set Higher Standards

Set Higher Standards involves establishing more challenging benchmarks or criteria for performance or quality.
Example: As a manager, I set higher standards for my team to foster a culture of excellence.

7. Stretch My Limits

Stretch My Limits implies pushing oneself beyond one’s usual capacity or comfort zone to achieve growth or improvement.
Example: Taking on this complex project will definitely stretch my limits, but I’m up for the challenge.

8. Aim Higher

Aim Higher is about setting more ambitious goals or targets for oneself.
Example: In my career, I constantly aim higher to ensure continuous personal and professional growth.

9. Surpass My Limits

Surpass My Limits means to go beyond one’s known capabilities or boundaries.
Example: Each year, I aim to surpass my limits by learning new skills relevant to my field.

10. Elevate My Efforts

Elevate My Efforts is used when increasing the intensity or quality of one’s efforts, often with the aim of achieving better results.
Example: To secure the promotion, I will elevate my efforts in all aspects of my current role.

11. Test My Boundaries

Test My Boundaries involves exploring or pushing the limits of one’s abilities or comfort zones.
Example: This complex international project will certainly test my boundaries in cross-cultural management.

12. Increase My Efforts

Increase My Efforts means to put in more work or energy than previously.
Example: I plan to increase my efforts in networking to build more professional connections.

13. Step Up My Game

Step Up My Game is a colloquial way of saying to improve one’s performance or skills in a particular area.
Example: To remain competitive in this industry, I must step up my game in understanding the latest technologies.

14. Go Beyond My Comfort Zone

Go Beyond My Comfort Zone means to engage in activities or tasks that one is not accustomed to, in order to grow or learn.
Example: By volunteering for challenging assignments, I’m going beyond my comfort zone to develop new skills.

15. Maximize My Potential

Maximize My Potential is about fully utilizing one’s abilities and opportunities to achieve the best possible outcomes.
Example: I’m undertaking advanced training courses to maximize my potential in my career field.

Linda Brown