What Is Another Way to Say “Pretty Sure”?

Looking for synonyms for pretty sure? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say pretty sure.

  • Confident
  • Quite certain
  • Fairly sure
  • Reasonably sure
  • Somewhat confident
  • Largely confident
  • Relatively certain
  • More or less sure
  • Almost sure
  • Moderately confident
  • Considerably certain
  • Partly sure
  • Substantially sure
  • Mostly confident
  • Significantly sure

Want to learn how to say pretty sure professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Confident

Used to express a strong belief in one’s own abilities or the certainty of an outcome.

  • Example: I’m confident that the team will meet the project deadline with quality results.

2. Quite Certain

Indicates a high level of assurance about a fact or outcome, though not absolute.

  • Example: We are quite certain that the market trends indicate a rise in demand for our product.

3. Fairly Sure

Suggests a moderate level of certainty, with some room for doubt.

  • Example: I’m fairly sure that we have enough budget to cover the expenses of the marketing campaign.

4. Reasonably Sure

Describes a logical and well-founded level of certainty.

  • Example: After reviewing the data, we’re reasonably sure of a positive reception to the new policy.

5. Somewhat Confident

Indicates a cautious level of confidence, acknowledging the possibility of variance.

  • Example: She’s somewhat confident that the client will approve the proposal, based on preliminary feedback.

6. Largely Confident

Suggests confidence based on a significant amount of evidence or experience, though not complete.

  • Example: We are largely confident in our sales forecasts for the next quarter.

7. Relatively Certain

Indicates certainty in comparison to other things, suggesting a comparative level of assurance.

  • Example: Given the circumstances, we are relatively certain that this is the best course of action.

8. More or Less Sure

Suggests a general feeling of certainty with an acknowledgement of potential uncertainty.

  • Example: I’m more or less sure that we can launch the product by the end of the month.

9. Almost Sure

Describes being on the verge of certainty but stopping short of absolute assurance.

  • Example: We’re almost sure that the issue will be resolved with the next software update.

10. Moderately Confident

Indicates a moderate level of confidence, neither too high nor too low.

  • Example: The team is moderately confident that the research findings will support our hypothesis.

11. Considerably Certain

Suggests a significant level of certainty based on evidence or reasoning.

  • Example: After extensive testing, we are considerably certain of the device’s reliability.

12. Partly Sure

Indicates a level of certainty that is mixed with some doubt or uncertainty.

  • Example: I’m partly sure that we addressed all the feedback from the beta testing.

13. Substantially Sure

Describes being sure to a large extent, based on substantial evidence or experience.

  • Example: We are substantially sure that the investment will yield a good return.

14. Mostly Confident

Suggests being confident for the most part, with minor reservations.

  • Example: She’s mostly confident about her decision to expand the business internationally.

15. Significantly Sure

Indicates a high level of surety, significantly supported by data or experience.

  • Example: Based on our market analysis, we are significantly sure that entering this new market is a viable opportunity.

Linda Brown