What Is Another Way to Say “People Pleaser”?

Looking for synonyms for people pleaser? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say people pleaser.

  • Yes-man
  • Sycophant
  • Flatterer
  • Brown-noser
  • Pushover
  • Obliger
  • Accommodator
  • Complaisant person
  • Bootlicker
  • Doormat
  • Fawner
  • Adulator
  • Backscratcher
  • Sweet talker
  • Ingratiator
  • Smooth talker
  • Flunky
  • Apple-polisher
  • Lackey
  • Toady

Want to learn how to say people pleaser professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Yes-man

Use when: Referring to someone who agrees with everything said, especially to please or appease someone in authority.
Example: “He’s known as the office yes-man, always agreeing with the boss without question.”

2. Sycophant

Use when: Indicating a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important to gain advantage.
Example: “The manager’s decision was praised excessively by the sycophant in the team.”

3. Flatterer

Use when: Describing someone who gives excessive, insincere praise.
Example: “As a flatterer, she often compliments her superiors to gain favor.”

4. Brown-noser

Use when: Referring to someone who ingratiates themselves with someone through flattery or servility.
Example: “He’s a bit of a brown-noser, always trying to impress the senior management.”

5. Pushover

Use when: Indicating a person who is easy to influence or manipulate.
Example: “She’s a pushover when it comes to client demands, often conceding more than necessary.”

6. Obliger

Use when: Describing someone who always tries to help or please others.
Example: “In meetings, he’s the obliger, always trying to accommodate everyone’s requests.”

7. Accommodator

Use when: Indicating a person who readily adapts to others’ needs or schedules.
Example: “As an accommodator, he often adjusts his plans to align with his colleagues’ preferences.”

8. Complaisant person

Use when: Referring to someone who is willing to please others or accepts their actions without protest.
Example: “In her role, she’s seen as a complaisant person, always complying with clients’ wishes.”

9. Bootlicker

Use when: Describing someone who acts in a servile or excessively submissive manner.
Example: “He’s perceived as a bootlicker, constantly trying to win the favor of his superiors.”

10. Doormat

Use when: Indicating a person who allows others to treat them with less respect than they deserve.
Example: “She shouldn’t let herself be treated like a doormat by her coworkers.”

11. Fawner

Use when: Referring to someone who gives exaggerated flattery or affection.
Example: “He’s a fawner, always overly praising his manager’s mediocre ideas.”

12. Adulator

Use when: Describing someone who praises or flatters excessively.
Example: “As an adulator, his compliments to the board members often seem disingenuous.”

13. Backscratcher

Use when: Indicating a person who does favors for others in the hope that favors will be returned.
Example: “In the corporate environment, he’s known as a backscratcher, always ready to exchange favors.”

14. Sweet talker

Use when: Referring to someone who uses flattering or persuasive words.
Example: “She’s a sweet talker, adept at persuading clients with her charming words.”

15. Ingratiator

Use when: Describing someone who seeks to gain favor by flattery or acting in a servile manner.
Example: “As an ingratiator, he often compliments his peers to gain their support.”

16. Smooth talker

Use when: Indicating someone who persuades people with charming or flattering words.
Example: “He’s a smooth talker, able to convince others with his persuasive language.”

17. Flunky

Use when: Referring to a person who performs menial tasks for someone else, often obsequiously.
Example: “He’s turned into a flunky, doing all the mundane tasks for his boss.”

18. Apple-polisher

Use when: Describing someone who curries favor through flattery or servile behavior.
Example: “In every meeting, he comes across as an apple-polisher, praising every idea the CEO suggests.”

19. Lackey

Use when: Indicating a servant or someone who is excessively subservient.
Example: “She often acts like a lackey, fulfilling every whim of the top executives.”

20. Toady

Use when: Referring to a person who flatters or defers to others to gain favor.
Example: “He’s regarded as a toady, always agreeing with the higher-ups to maintain his position.”

Linda Brown