What Is Another Way to Say “Old Person”?

Looking for synonyms for old person? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say old person.

  • Senior
  • Elder
  • Elderly individual
  • Older adult
  • Geriatric
  • Senior citizen
  • Aged
  • Elder statesman
  • Pensioner
  • Retiree
  • Golden ager
  • Veteran
  • Superannuate
  • Octogenarian
  • Nonagenarian
  • Septuagenarian
  • Centenarian
  • Ancient
  • Silver surfer
  • Grandparent

Want to learn how to say old person professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Senior

Appropriate Use: A respectful and general term for older individuals.
Example: “The community center offers specialized fitness classes for seniors.”

2. Elder

Appropriate Use: Often used to denote someone with experience and wisdom, typically in a community or family.
Example: “The village elders play a crucial role in making important decisions.”

3. Elderly Individual

Appropriate Use: A formal and respectful term for an older person.
Example: “Elderly individuals often require specialized healthcare services.”

4. Older Adult

Appropriate Use: A neutral and respectful term for someone advanced in years.
Example: “Our city’s transit system offers discounts for older adults.”

5. Geriatric

Appropriate Use: Refers to older people, especially regarding their healthcare needs.
Example: “She specializes in geriatric medicine, focusing on age-related conditions.”

6. Senior Citizen

Appropriate Use: A common term for an older person, often used in legal and policy contexts.
Example: “Senior citizens are eligible for various government benefits.”

7. Aged

Appropriate Use: A general term for an old person, often used in formal contexts.
Example: “The charity provides assistance to the aged in the community.”

8. Elder Statesman

Appropriate Use: Refers to an older, experienced, and respected leader or former leader in a field.
Example: “He is regarded as an elder statesman in the world of theoretical physics.”

9. Pensioner

Appropriate Use: Commonly used for someone who receives a pension, typically due to retirement from work.
Example: “The new policy changes will affect many pensioners.”

10. Retiree

Appropriate Use: A person who has retired from full-time work.
Example: “The company held a celebration for its retirees last weekend.”

11. Golden Ager

Appropriate Use: A light-hearted and positive term for an elderly person.
Example: “The golden agers’ club meets weekly for social activities and outings.”

12. Veteran

Appropriate Use: Can refer to an older person with a long history in a particular field, often used for former military personnel.
Example: “Veterans of the industry were invited to share their insights at the seminar.”

13. Superannuate

Appropriate Use: A formal term, often used in the context of retirement.
Example: “He became a superannuate last year after serving thirty years in public service.”

14. Octogenarian

Appropriate Use: A person who is in their eighties.
Example: “The octogenarian shared fascinating stories from her life experiences.”

15. Nonagenarian

Appropriate Use: A person who is in their nineties.
Example: “The nonagenarian still enjoys painting and gardening in her free time.”

16. Septuagenarian

Appropriate Use: A person who is in their seventies.
Example: “The septuagenarian marathon runner is an inspiration to many.”

17. Centenarian

Appropriate Use: A person who is 100 years old or older.
Example: “The town honored its centenarian with a special birthday celebration.”

18. Ancient

Appropriate Use: A colloquial and sometimes humorous term for someone very old.
Example: “He jokingly refers to himself as the ancient one of the family.”

19. Silver Surfer

Appropriate Use: A playful term for an elderly person who is proficient with using the internet and modern technologies.
Example: “The library offers computer classes for silver surfers.”

20. Grandparent

Appropriate Use: A person who has a grandchild or grandchildren.
Example: “Many grandparents play an active role in their grandchildren’s lives.”

Linda Brown