What Is Another Way to Say “Not There”?

Looking for synonyms for not there? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say not there.

  • Absent
  • Missing
  • Unavailable
  • Gone
  • Nowhere to be found
  • Out
  • Away
  • Nonexistent
  • Disappeared
  • Vanished
  • Not present
  • Not on hand
  • Not in sight
  • Unaccounted for
  • Not in attendance

Want to learn how to say not there professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Absent

Used to describe someone who is not present in a specific place.

  • Example: “The key team member was absent from the crucial project meeting.”

2. Missing

Appropriate when someone or something expected to be present cannot be found.

  • Example: “The report is incomplete; several key data points are missing.”

3. Unavailable

Suitable for situations where a person or resource is not free or accessible at a given time.

  • Example: “The manager is currently unavailable for comments due to other commitments.”

4. Gone

Used to describe someone who has left a place, usually recently.

  • Example: “As I reached his desk, I realized he was gone for the day.”

5. Nowhere to be Found

Appropriate for emphasizing that someone or something cannot be found in any location.

  • Example: “After the office relocation, several important files were nowhere to be found.”

6. Out

Used in casual contexts to describe someone who is not in their usual place (e.g., office, home).

  • Example: “She’s out on a client visit and will be back tomorrow.”

7. Away

Suitable for someone who is not at a particular place, typically for a short period.

  • Example: “The department head is away at a conference this week.”

8. Nonexistent

Used to imply that something does not exist in the given context.

  • Example: “In our database, the record you are asking for appears to be nonexistent.”

9. Disappeared

Appropriate for situations where someone or something has vanished, especially in a surprising or unexplained way.

  • Example: “The prototype model that was in the lab yesterday has disappeared.”

10. Vanished

Similar to disappeared, used when someone or something is no longer visible or found.

  • Example: “As soon as the audit was announced, several documents simply vanished.”

11. Not Present

A formal way of stating that someone is not in a particular location.

  • Example: “The main speaker was not present at the seminar.”

12. Not on Hand

Suitable for indicating that something or someone is not immediately available.

  • Example: “Sorry, our technical expert is not on hand to answer your query right now.”

13. Not in Sight

Used to describe something or someone that cannot be seen or found in the immediate area.

  • Example: “We checked the entire floor, but the package was not in sight.”

14. Unaccounted for

Appropriate in situations where someone’s whereabouts or a particular item’s location is unknown.

  • Example: “After the fire drill, several employees were still unaccounted for.”

15. Not in Attendance

Used for formal situations where someone is not present at an event or meeting.

  • Example: “Several members were not in attendance at the annual general meeting.”

Linda Brown