What Is Another Way to Say “Not Possible”?

Looking for synonyms for not possible? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say not possible.

  • Impossible
  • Unfeasible
  • Implausible
  • Unattainable
  • Inconceivable
  • Unachievable
  • Unworkable
  • Insurmountable
  • Unrealizable
  • Inexecutable
  • Unviable
  • Unmanageable
  • Unthinkable
  • Unobtainable
  • Hopeless
  • Unpractical
  • Unrealistic
  • Unreasonable
  • Impracticable
  • Unacquirable

Want to learn how to say not possible professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Impossible

Appropriate Use: When a task or goal cannot be accomplished under any circumstances.
Example: “Completing the project in one day is impossible given the current resources.”

2. Unfeasible

Appropriate Use: Suitable for scenarios where something is not practical or convenient to do.
Example: “It’s unfeasible to expect a full system overhaul without affecting the current operations.”

3. Implausible

Appropriate Use: When an idea or plan seems unlikely or not credible.
Example: “The proposal to triple our output without increasing the workforce seems implausible.”

4. Unattainable

Appropriate Use: For objectives or goals that cannot be achieved or reached.
Example: “The sales targets set for this quarter are unattainable given the market conditions.”

5. Inconceivable

Appropriate Use: When something is so unlikely or unusual that it is difficult to believe or imagine.
Example: “It is inconceivable that the new product will capture 100% market share.”

6. Unachievable

Appropriate Use: Suitable for tasks or goals that cannot be accomplished or achieved.
Example: “The deadline is unachievable without significant additional resources.”

7. Unworkable

Appropriate Use: For plans, ideas, or systems that cannot be effectively put into operation.
Example: “The current workflow is unworkable and needs to be restructured.”

8. Insurmountable

Appropriate Use: When an obstacle or challenge cannot be overcome.
Example: “The technical issues we are facing are insurmountable without external expertise.”

9. Unrealizable

Appropriate Use: Suitable for dreams, ambitions, or plans that cannot be made real or achieved.
Example: “The vision of expanding to all continents within a year is unrealizable.”

10. Inexecutable

Appropriate Use: When a plan or instruction cannot be carried out or executed.
Example: “The strategy is inexecutable in its current form due to regulatory constraints.”

11. Unviable

Appropriate Use: For projects or plans that are not capable of working successfully.
Example: “The investment was deemed unviable after the market analysis.”

12. Unmanageable

Appropriate Use: When a situation, project, or workload is too difficult to control or deal with.
Example: “The project scope has become unmanageable and needs to be scaled back.”

13. Unthinkable

Appropriate Use: Used for ideas or actions that are considered too outrageous or impractical to consider.
Example: “Cutting the entire research and development budget is unthinkable.”

14. Unobtainable

Appropriate Use: Suitable for resources, items, or results that cannot be obtained.
Example: “The rare materials required for the product are currently unobtainable.”

15. Hopeless

Appropriate Use: When a situation or task has no chance of success or improvement.
Example: “The negotiation reached a hopeless stage, with no prospect of an agreement.”

16. Unpractical

Appropriate Use: For ideas or methods that are not sensible or realistic.
Example: “The suggested timeline for the project is unpractical given the complexity involved.”

17. Unrealistic

Appropriate Use: When expectations or goals are not based on reality or practical considerations.
Example: “The profit expectations for the first year are unrealistic.”

18. Unreasonable

Appropriate Use: Suitable for demands, expectations, or conditions that are not fair or sensible.
Example: “Asking the team to work every weekend is unreasonable and unsustainable.”

19. Impracticable

Appropriate Use: When a course of action is not feasible or practical to implement.
Example: “The proposed solution is impracticable due to the lack of necessary technology.”

20. Unacquirable

Appropriate Use: For resources or items that cannot be acquired or obtained.
Example: “The patent rights for the technology are unacquirable at this stage.”

Linda Brown