What Is Another Way to Say “Meet and Greet”?

Looking for synonyms for meet and greet? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say meet and greet.

  • Reception
  • Welcome gathering
  • Meet-up
  • Mixer
  • Social gathering
  • Networking event
  • Introduction session
  • Get-together
  • Mingle
  • Icebreaker
  • Social
  • Welcoming party
  • Informal meeting
  • Meet session
  • Hospitality event

Want to learn how to say meet and greet professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Reception

“Reception” is often used for formal or semi-formal gatherings, focusing on welcoming guests or attendees.

Example: “The conference will commence with a reception for all delegates on Sunday evening.”

2. Welcome Gathering

“Welcome gathering” is a friendly, informal event for introducing and welcoming individuals.

Example: “All new employees are invited to the welcome gathering in the main hall.”

3. Meet-up

“Meet-up” is typically used for informal meetings organized around a common interest or purpose.

Example: “The local entrepreneurs’ club is hosting a meet-up for networking and sharing ideas.”

4. Mixer

“Mixer” refers to a social event aimed at encouraging attendees to meet and interact, often in a business or networking context.

Example: “Join us for a mixer after the seminar to connect with industry professionals.”

5. Social Gathering

“Social gathering” is a general term for an event where people come together socially, such as a party or celebration.

Example: “The company’s annual social gathering will be held at a downtown hotel this year.”

6. Networking Event

“Networking event” is a gathering specifically designed for professional networking and making business contacts.

Example: “I collected several contacts at the networking event last night.”

7. Introduction Session

“Introduction session” is often used for events or meetings where the primary goal is to introduce participants to each other.

Example: “The workshop will begin with an introduction session to help attendees get to know each other.”

8. Get-Together

“Get-together” is a casual term for an informal meeting or gathering of people.

Example: “The department is planning a casual get-together for team bonding.”

9. Mingle

“Mingle” refers to an informal event where people mix and socialize.

Example: “We’re hosting a mingle for all the new interns to meet the senior staff.”

10. Icebreaker

“Icebreaker” is often used for meetings or events where activities are designed to introduce participants to each other and encourage interaction.

Example: “The facilitator started the session with an icebreaker to warm up the group.”

11. Social

“Social” is a broad term for a gathering where the focus is on socializing and enjoyment.

Example: “The club’s monthly social will feature live music and dancing.”

12. Welcoming Party

“Welcoming party” is a gathering organized to welcome a person or group, often in a festive manner.

Example: “The team organized a welcoming party for the new CEO.”

13. Informal Meeting

“Informal meeting” suggests a casual get-together without strict agendas or formalities.

Example: “Let’s have an informal meeting over coffee to discuss the project’s progress.”

14. Meet Session

“Meet session” is a casual and flexible term for a gathering aimed at interaction and engagement.

Example: “The conference schedule includes a meet session with key speakers.”

15. Hospitality Event

“Hospitality event” is typically a gathering hosted to entertain or welcome guests, often in a business or hotel setting.

Example: “The hotel is known for its exquisite hospitality events for business travelers.”

Linda Brown