What Is Another Way to Say “Make Happen”?

Looking for synonyms for make happen? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say make happen.

  • Facilitate
  • Implement
  • Realize
  • Execute
  • Bring to fruition
  • Effectuate
  • Materialize
  • Accomplish
  • Achieve
  • Actualize
  • Catalyze
  • Engineer
  • Manifest
  • Fulfill
  • Produce

Want to learn how to say make happen professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Facilitate

Used when aiding or making an action or process easier.

  • Example: “The manager facilitated the successful completion of the project by coordinating the team’s efforts.”

2. Implement

Appropriate for putting a plan, decision, or agreement into effect.

  • Example: “We need to implement the new marketing strategy to increase our sales.”

3. Realize

Used for making a thought, idea, plan, etc., come into actual existence.

  • Example: “She realized her vision for the company through strategic investments and partnerships.”

4. Execute

Suitable for carrying out a plan, order, or course of action.

  • Example: “He executed the event plan flawlessly, ensuring a successful conference.”

5. Bring to Fruition

Refers to making something planned or previously thought of actually happen.

  • Example: “After years of research, the team brought the innovative product to fruition.”

6. Effectuate

Appropriate for bringing about or causing something to happen.

  • Example: “The new policy was effectuated to improve workplace safety.”

7. Materialize

Used when something becomes actual fact or reality.

  • Example: “The plans for expanding the business finally materialized this year.”

8. Accomplish

Suitable for achieving or completing successfully.

  • Example: “The team accomplished their quarterly goals ahead of schedule.”

9. Achieve

Used for successfully reaching a desired objective or result by effort, skill, or courage.

  • Example: “She achieved remarkable results in her first year as CEO.”

10. Actualize

Refers to making something that was planned or imagined become a reality.

  • Example: “The new training program was actualized to enhance employee skills.”

11. Catalyze

Appropriate for causing or accelerating a reaction or change.

  • Example: “His leadership catalyzed significant improvements in the company’s performance.”

12. Engineer

Used for skillfully arranging or planning something to achieve a specific outcome.

  • Example: “They engineered a successful launch of the new product line.”

13. Manifest

Suitable for displaying or showing a quality or feeling by one’s acts or appearance.

  • Example: “His strategy to manifest increased customer engagement was a success.”

14. Fulfill

Refers to bringing something to completion or reality.

  • Example: “The project fulfilled the company’s goal of expanding into new markets.”

15. Produce

Used for creating or bringing something into existence.

  • Example: “The team worked hard to produce a comprehensive report on market trends.”

Linda Brown