What Is Another Way to Say “Look Forward”?

Looking for synonyms for look forward? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say look forward.

  • Anticipate
  • Await
  • Expect
  • Hope for
  • Envision
  • Long for
  • Yearn for
  • Aspire
  • Count down to
  • Get excited about
  • Eagerly await
  • Prepare for
  • Be enthusiastic about
  • Relish the thought of
  • Cherish the prospect of
  • Dream of
  • Set one’s sights on
  • Be eager for
  • Look to
  • Covet

Want to learn how to say look forward professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Anticipate

Used for expressing the act of looking forward to something with excitement or expectation.

Example: “We anticipate the launch of our new product line next quarter.”

2. Await

Appropriate for expressing waiting for something with eagerness or expectation.

Example: “The team eagerly awaits the results of the market research.”

3. Expect

Used to express the belief that something will happen.

Example: “We expect significant growth following the merger.”

4. Hope for

Appropriate for expressing a desire for something to happen.

Example: “We are hoping for a positive response from the client on our proposal.”

5. Envision

Used to express imagining or picturing a future event or situation.

Example: “We envision expanding our operations to Europe in the next five years.”

6. Long for

Appropriate for expressing a strong desire or yearning for something.

Example: “The team longs for the opportunity to work on more challenging projects.”

7. Yearn for

Used to express a deep desire or strong longing for something.

Example: “She yearns for the day when her research will contribute to groundbreaking discoveries.”

8. Aspire

Appropriate for expressing a strong ambition or goal.

Example: “We aspire to become the leading brand in sustainable fashion.”

9. Count down to

Used for expressing anticipation with a sense of counting down time.

Example: “We are counting down to the opening of our new office.”

10. Get excited about

Appropriate for expressing enthusiasm about a future event or situation.

Example: “The marketing team is getting excited about the upcoming product launch.”

11. Eagerly await

Used to express keen anticipation or eagerness for something.

Example: “The entire staff eagerly awaits the annual company retreat.”

12. Prepare for

Appropriate for expressing getting ready or making arrangements for a future event.

Example: “We are preparing for the upcoming industry conference.”

13. Be enthusiastic about

Used to express a high level of eagerness or excitement about something.

Example: “The development team is enthusiastic about the new project.”

14. Relish the thought of

Appropriate for expressing enjoyment or pleasure in anticipation of something.

Example: “I relish the thought of presenting our findings to the board.”

15. Cherish the prospect of

Used to express valuing or looking forward to something greatly.

Example: “She cherishes the prospect of leading the new research team.”

16. Dream of

Appropriate for expressing a strong desire or wish for something in the future.

Example: “Many entrepreneurs dream of launching a successful startup.”

17. Set one’s sights on

Used to express aiming or focusing on a future goal.

Example: “He has set his sights on becoming the sales director within five years.”

18. Be eager for

Appropriate for expressing a keen interest or desire for something.

Example: “The company is eager for the opportunity to enter the Asian market.”

19. Look to

Used to express considering or planning for the future.

Example: “We look to innovate continuously to stay ahead in the industry.”

20. Covet

Appropriate for expressing a strong desire to achieve or obtain something.

Example: “Many young professionals covet a position in this prestigious firm.”

Linda Brown