What Is Another Way to Say “Learn About”?

Looking for synonyms for learn about? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say learn about.

  • Discover
  • Acquire knowledge of
  • Become acquainted with
  • Familiarize oneself with
  • Gain insight into
  • Educate oneself about
  • Study
  • Find out about
  • Investigate
  • Explore
  • Get to know
  • Delve into
  • Absorb information about
  • Research
  • Grasp the basics of

Want to learn how to say learn about professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Discover

Used when finding out something for the first time or uncovering new information.

  • Example: “She discovered the latest marketing trends through an industry conference.”

2. Acquire Knowledge of

Appropriate for a more formal or systematic process of learning.

  • Example: “He acquired knowledge of advanced programming through online courses.”

3. Become Acquainted With

Used when starting to learn or understand something new.

  • Example: “The team became acquainted with the new project management software.”

4. Familiarize Oneself With

Suitable for personal involvement in learning or understanding something.

  • Example: “I need to familiarize myself with the new company policies.”

5. Gain Insight Into

Used for obtaining a deeper understanding of a complex topic or issue.

  • Example: “The manager gained insight into employee satisfaction through surveys.”

6. Educate Oneself About

Implies a self-directed effort to learn about a specific subject.

  • Example: “She educated herself about digital security to enhance her skills.”

7. Study

Appropriate for a structured and in-depth process of learning.

  • Example: “He studied the effects of social media on consumer behavior for his thesis.”

8. Find Out About

Used for a casual or informal way of learning something.

  • Example: “I need to find out about the client’s requirements before the meeting.”

9. Investigate

Suitable for a detailed and often formal inquiry or examination.

  • Example: “The team investigated the market potential for the new product.”

10. Explore

Used when examining or researching a subject in a broad, open-ended manner.

  • Example: “We are exploring various software options for our accounting needs.”

11. Get to Know

Implies a process of becoming familiar with something through experience or study.

  • Example: “She got to know the company culture during her first month at work.”

12. Delve Into

Suitable for deeply researching or immersing oneself in a subject.

  • Example: “He delved into the historical data to understand the trends.”

13. Absorb Information About

Used when assimilating information, often over time or through exposure.

  • Example: “The interns absorbed information about the industry through workshops and seminars.”

14. Research

Appropriate for systematic investigation to establish facts or principles.

  • Example: “The department is researching consumer preferences for the new product line.”

15. Grasp the Basics of

Used when understanding the fundamental aspects of a subject or skill.

  • Example: “New employees are expected to grasp the basics of the company’s operating system.”

Linda Brown