What Is Another Way to Say “Kind Of”?

Looking for synonyms for kind of? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say kind of.

  • Somewhat
  • Sort of
  • Rather
  • Relatively
  • To some extent
  • In a way
  • Partially
  • To a degree
  • Moderately
  • Fairly
  • More or less
  • Slightly
  • In part
  • A bit
  • To a certain extent

Want to learn how to say kind of professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Somewhat

“Somewhat” is used to indicate a moderate or limited extent or degree of something.

Example: “The new policy has been somewhat effective in reducing overhead costs.”

2. Sort Of

“Sort of” is a colloquial way to express a vague or not full extent of something.

Example: “The results of the marketing campaign were sort of what we expected, but not entirely.”

3. Rather

“Rather” suggests a certain degree or extent, often used to imply more than a little but not extremely.

Example: “The new software update is rather complicated to install.”

4. Relatively

“Relatively” is used to indicate that something is true to a certain degree, especially in comparison with other things.

Example: “Relatively speaking, this year’s sales figures are better than last year’s.”

5. To Some Extent

“To some extent” implies a certain degree of truth or applicability, but not completely.

Example: “The success of the project was to some extent dependent on external factors.”

6. In a Way

“In a way” is used to suggest that something is true in one aspect or to a certain degree.

Example: “In a way, the new policy addresses the issues, but it doesn’t cover all the bases.”

7. Partially

“Partially” indicates that something is true or applies to some extent but not completely.

Example: “The project was partially successful, achieving some but not all of its objectives.”

8. To a Degree

“To a degree” implies a certain level or extent of truth, applicability, or success.

Example: “The strategy was effective to a degree, but it needs further refinement.”

9. Moderately

“Moderately” is used to describe something that is done or exists to a medium extent, neither very much nor very little.

Example: “The budget was moderately sufficient, though we had to make some minor adjustments.”

10. Fairly

“Fairly” indicates something that is reasonable or moderately true or good.

Example: “The response to our product launch has been fairly positive.”

11. More or Less

“More or less” suggests that something is generally true or accurate but not entirely or precisely.

Example: “The final design was more or less in line with what we had envisioned.”

12. Slightly

“Slightly” is used to indicate a small degree, amount, or extent of something.

Example: “The company’s profits increased slightly from the previous quarter.”

13. In Part

“In part” suggests that something is true to some extent but not entirely.

Example: “The delay in the project was in part due to unforeseen technical challenges.”

14. A Bit

“A bit” is a casual way of stating that something is true or exists to a small extent.

Example: “The process has become a bit more efficient with the new software.”

15. To a Certain Extent

“To a certain extent” indicates that something applies or is true to a specific, limited degree.

Example: “To a certain extent, the success of the business can be attributed to its customer service.”

Linda Brown