What Is Another Way to Say “In View Of”?

Looking for synonyms for in view of? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say in view of.

  • Considering
  • Given
  • Taking into account
  • In light of
  • Bearing in mind
  • On account of
  • With regard to
  • In consideration of
  • Due to
  • In respect of
  • In the context of
  • As a result of
  • Because of
  • With respect to
  • In response to

Want to learn how to say in view of professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Considering

Use when: Reflecting upon or taking something into consideration.
Example: “Considering the market trends, we should revise our strategy.”

2. Given

Use when: Presenting a fact or situation as a premise or reason.
Example: “Given the current economic climate, we must be cautious with investments.”

3. Taking into account

Use when: Including particular facts or circumstances in your decision-making process.
Example: “Taking into account the feedback, we will modify our product design.”

4. In light of

Use when: Making a decision or remark based on a certain situation or fact.
Example: “In light of recent developments, we need to update our policies.”

5. Bearing in mind

Use when: Keeping certain factors in consideration while making a decision.
Example: “Bearing in mind the budget constraints, we must prioritize our projects.”

6. On account of

Use when: Explaining the reason or cause for something.
Example: “The meeting was postponed on account of the CEO’s unavailability.”

7. With regard to

Use when: Discussing or mentioning a specific topic or subject.
Example: “With regard to your proposal, we have some suggestions.”

8. In consideration of

Use when: Taking something into account before making a decision.
Example: “In consideration of your long service, we have decided to grant your request.”

9. Due to

Use when: Explaining the cause or reason for something.
Example: “The project delay was due to unforeseen technical issues.”

10. In respect of

Use when: Relating to or concerning a particular matter or subject.
Example: “In respect of the agreement, we have some amendments.”

11. In the context of

Use when: Considering something within its specific situation or circumstances.
Example: “In the context of the global market, we must diversify our portfolio.”

12. As a result of

Use when: Indicating a consequence or outcome of a certain event or action.
Example: “As a result of the merger, our market share has increased significantly.”

13. Because of

Use when: Indicating causation or reason.
Example: “Because of your expertise in the field, we would like you to lead this project.”

14. With respect to

Use when: Referring specifically to a certain topic or issue.
Example: “With respect to your inquiry, we have enclosed the detailed report.”

15. In response to

Use when: Reacting or replying to a particular situation or piece of information.
Example: “In response to the client’s feedback, we have improved our service protocol.”

Linda Brown