What Is Another Way to Say “In Hopes Of”?

Looking for synonyms for in hopes of? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say in hopes of.

  • With the aim of
  • Seeking to
  • Aiming for
  • Aspiring to
  • In pursuit of
  • With the intention of
  • With the goal of
  • In the expectation of
  • Anticipating
  • Wishing for
  • Longing for
  • With the objective of
  • Desiring
  • With an eye towards
  • Dreaming of

Want to learn how to say in hopes of professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. With the Aim of

Appropriate Use: Suitable for indicating a specific goal or purpose for an action.
Example: “The company launched the initiative with the aim of reducing environmental impact.”

2. Seeking to

Appropriate Use: Ideal for expressing an attempt or effort to achieve a particular goal.
Example: “We are seeking to improve our customer service satisfaction ratings.”

3. Aiming for

Appropriate Use: Used when setting a particular goal or target to achieve.
Example: “Our team is aiming for a 20% increase in productivity this quarter.”

4. Aspiring to

Appropriate Use: Suitable for expressing a strong desire or ambition to achieve something.
Example: “The new graduate is aspiring to a position in the company’s leadership program.”

5. In Pursuit of

Appropriate Use: Ideal for indicating an active effort or quest to achieve something.
Example: “The researcher is in pursuit of a breakthrough in renewable energy technology.”

6. With the Intention of

Appropriate Use: Used for indicating a planned or desired outcome from an action.
Example: “The training was provided with the intention of upskilling the workforce.”

7. With the Goal of

Appropriate Use: Suitable for actions taken to achieve a specific aim or result.
Example: “The campaign was launched with the goal of increasing brand awareness.”

8. In the Expectation of

Appropriate Use: Ideal for doing something because you expect a particular outcome.
Example: “The company expanded its operations in the expectation of capturing a larger market share.”

9. Anticipating

Appropriate Use: Used for looking forward to something or preparing for a future event.
Example: “The team is anticipating positive results from the new marketing strategy.”

10. Wishing for

Appropriate Use: Suitable for expressing a desire for something to happen.
Example: “The manager is wishing for a successful outcome to the negotiations.”

11. Longing for

Appropriate Use: Ideal for expressing a strong desire or yearning for a particular outcome.
Example: “After years of research, the scientist is longing for a major discovery.”

12. With the Objective of

Appropriate Use: Used for stating a specific aim or purpose behind an action.
Example: “The study was conducted with the objective of understanding consumer behavior.”

13. Desiring

Appropriate Use: Suitable for expressing a strong wish to achieve or attain something.
Example: “The company is desiring to lead the industry in sustainable practices.”

14. With an Eye Towards

Appropriate Use: Ideal for indicating consideration or planning for a particular goal.
Example: “She is working hard with an eye towards earning a promotion.”

15. Dreaming of

Appropriate Use: Used for expressing a hopeful or aspirational goal.
Example: “The entrepreneur is dreaming of expanding her business globally.”

Linda Brown