What Is Another Way to Say “Home Run”?

Looking for synonyms for home run? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say home run.

  • Grand slam
  • Homer
  • Round-tripper
  • Four-bagger
  • Moonshot
  • Dinger
  • Tater
  • Long ball
  • Blast
  • Jack
  • Clout
  • Bomb
  • Smash
  • Wallop
  • Big fly

Want to learn how to say home run professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Grand Slam

A “Grand Slam” is used specifically when a home run is hit with the bases loaded, scoring four runs. It’s often highlighted in moments of significant achievement in a game.

  • Example: “With the bases loaded, Johnson hit a grand slam, turning the game around in the ninth inning.”

2. Homer

“Homer” is a casual term for a home run, widely used in both professional and informal settings.

  • Example: “Smith hit three homers in last night’s game, securing the victory for his team.”

3. Round-Tripper

“Round-Tripper” is a less common term for a home run, emphasizing the act of circling the bases after hitting the ball out of play.

  • Example: “Jones celebrated his first round-tripper of the season, a clear sign of his returning form.”

4. Four-Bagger

“Four-Bagger” refers to the four bases a player must touch to complete a home run, highlighting the scoring potential of the hit.

  • Example: “With a powerful swing, Davis secured a four-bagger, adding to the team’s lead.”

5. Moonshot

“Moonshot” is used for home runs that are hit with exceptional height and power, often seeming to reach the moon.

  • Example: “Garcia’s moonshot in the seventh inning left the crowd in awe, sailing far beyond the outfield.”

6. Dinger

“Dinger” is a slang term for a home run, commonly used in sports commentary and among fans.

  • Example: “Martinez added another dinger to his record, showcasing his strength at the plate.”

7. Tater

“Tater” is a colloquial term for a home run, often used in a light-hearted context.

  • Example: “Wilson hit a tater right over the right field wall, contributing to the team’s scoring spree.”

8. Long Ball

“Long Ball” refers to a home run hit with significant distance, emphasizing the power behind the hit.

  • Example: “Hernandez is known for his ability to hit the long ball, a skill he demonstrated once again today.”

9. Blast

“Blast” is a term used to describe a powerful, explosive home run, often leaving no doubt about its outcome.

  • Example: “Kelly hit a blast that cleared the stands, an impressive feat of strength.”

10. Jack

“Jack” is a casual synonym for a home run, used particularly in American English.

  • Example: “Robinson hit a jack in the fifth inning, breaking the tie and energizing the team.”

11. Clout

“Clout” is another term for a home run, emphasizing the hit’s impact in changing the game’s dynamics.

  • Example: “With a clout to left field, Thompson secured the win for his team.”

12. Bomb

“Bomb” refers to a home run hit with great force and distance, similar to “blast.”

  • Example: “Perez’s bomb was the highlight of the game, a true display of power hitting.”

13. Smash

“Smash” is used for a home run characterized by its sheer power and speed off the bat.

  • Example: “The crowd went silent as the smash cleared the center field wall, a decisive moment in the game.”

14. Wallop

“Wallop” emphasizes the strength and impact of the home run, often used to describe a game-changing hit.

  • Example: “Anderson’s wallop in the eighth inning was enough to seal the victory for his team.”

15. Big Fly

“Big Fly” is a slang term for a home run, used especially when the hit is particularly noteworthy for its distance or timing.

  • Example: “With the game on the line, Ramirez hit a big fly, clinching the championship for his team.”

Linda Brown