What Is Another Way to Say “High Achieving”?

Looking for synonyms for high achieving? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say high achieving.

  • Exceptionally successful
  • High-performing
  • Outstanding
  • Accomplished
  • Elite
  • Top-performing
  • Exemplary
  • Distinguished
  • Superlative
  • Superior
  • Preeminent
  • Prolific
  • Adept
  • First-rate
  • High-flying

Want to learn how to say high achieving professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Exceptionally Successful

Appropriate Use: Suitable for individuals or organizations that have achieved success beyond the usual level.
Example: “She is an exceptionally successful entrepreneur, having founded multiple start-ups.”

2. High-Performing

Appropriate Use: Ideal for describing individuals or teams that consistently achieve high levels of performance.
Example: “Our research department is known for being high-performing in innovative projects.”

3. Outstanding

Appropriate Use: Used for individuals or achievements that are remarkably excellent.
Example: “He is an outstanding leader whose vision has propelled the company forward.”

4. Accomplished

Appropriate Use: Suitable for someone who is highly skilled and has achieved a lot.
Example: “She is an accomplished software engineer with numerous awards to her name.”

5. Elite

Appropriate Use: Ideal for individuals or groups that are regarded as the best in a particular area.
Example: “The firm’s team of lawyers is considered elite in the field of corporate law.”

6. Top-Performing

Appropriate Use: Used for those who consistently rank at the highest level in performance.
Example: “Our sales team is top-performing in the region, exceeding their targets every quarter.”

7. Exemplary

Appropriate Use: Suitable for individuals whose achievements serve as a desirable model for others.
Example: “Her work ethic and commitment to excellence are exemplary.”

8. Distinguished

Appropriate Use: Ideal for someone who is noted for their excellent achievements or high standing.
Example: “The distinguished scientist has made groundbreaking contributions to her field.”

9. Superlative

Appropriate Use: Used to describe the highest degree of quality or achievement.
Example: “His superlative skills in negotiation have been crucial to our company’s success.”

10. Superior

Appropriate Use: Suitable for describing someone or something that is above average or better than others.
Example: “His superior understanding of market trends has made him a valuable asset.”

11. Preeminent

Appropriate Use: Ideal for individuals who are superior to all others in a specific field or area.
Example: “As a preeminent researcher, she has influenced the direction of scientific studies.”

12. Prolific

Appropriate Use: Used for someone who produces a large amount of high-quality work.
Example: “The prolific author has published several influential books in her field.”

13. Adept

Appropriate Use: Suitable for individuals who are highly skilled or proficient at something.
Example: “He is adept at creating strategies that consistently outperform the competition.”

14. First-Rate

Appropriate Use: Ideal for describing something or someone that is of the highest quality.
Example: “Her first-rate management skills have led to a highly productive team.”

15. High-Flying

Appropriate Use: Used for individuals who are very ambitious and successful.
Example: “He is a high-flying executive known for turning around struggling companies.”

Linda Brown