What Is Another Way to Say “Have the Opportunity”?

Looking for synonyms for have the opportunity? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say have the opportunity.

  • Be afforded the chance
  • Have the chance
  • Be presented with the opportunity
  • Be given the opportunity
  • Have the privilege
  • Be offered the chance
  • Get the opportunity
  • Be provided the opportunity
  • Receive the chance
  • Find the opportunity
  • Be granted the opportunity
  • Be allowed the opportunity
  • Come across the opportunity
  • Encounter the opportunity
  • Seize the opportunity

Want to learn how to say have the opportunity professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Be Afforded the Chance

Used when an opportunity arises through external circumstances or assistance.
Example: “I was afforded the chance to lead the new project team.”

2. Have the Chance

Appropriate for a more casual or general reference to an opportunity.
Example: “I have the chance to attend an international conference next month.”

3. Be Presented with the Opportunity

Used when an opportunity is formally or officially offered.
Example: “She was presented with the opportunity to study abroad through the company’s exchange program.”

4. Be Given the Opportunity

Suitable for situations where an opportunity is provided by someone else.
Example: “We were given the opportunity to present our research to the board.”

5. Have the Privilege

Used to emphasize the honor or advantage in an opportunity.
Example: “I have the privilege of working alongside industry experts in this role.”

6. Be Offered the Chance

Appropriate when an opportunity is explicitly made available by someone.
Example: “He was offered the chance to lead the new marketing campaign.”

7. Get the Opportunity

Used in a more informal context, often implying luck or fortunate circumstances.
Example: “I got the opportunity to intern with a leading tech company.”

8. Be Provided the Opportunity

Suitable for formal situations where an opportunity is made available by an organization or individual.
Example: “Employees will be provided the opportunity to participate in advanced training programs.”

9. Receive the Chance

Used when an opportunity is given as if it were a gift or award.
Example: “She received the chance to attend an exclusive industry workshop.”

10. Find the Opportunity

Appropriate when an opportunity is discovered or comes about unexpectedly.
Example: “In my travels, I found the opportunity to network with international partners.”

11. Be Granted the Opportunity

Used to imply that the opportunity is somewhat prestigious or sought after.
Example: “I was granted the opportunity to speak at the national conference next month.”

12. Be Allowed the Opportunity

Suitable for scenarios where permission is given to seize an opportunity.
Example: “We were allowed the opportunity to revise our proposal before the final submission.”

13. Come Across the Opportunity

Used when encountering an opportunity by chance.
Example: “I came across the opportunity to collaborate with a leading research team.”

14. Encounter the Opportunity

Appropriate for an opportunity that is met or faced, sometimes unexpectedly.
Example: “During my tenure at the company, I encountered many opportunities for professional development.”

15. Seize the Opportunity

Used to indicate actively taking advantage of an opportunity, often with enthusiasm.
Example: “She seized the opportunity to expand her skills through the new training program.”

Linda Brown