What Is Another Way to Say “Grow”?

Looking for synonyms for grow? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say grow.

  • Develop
  • Expand
  • Increase
  • Flourish
  • Prosper
  • Mature
  • Bloom
  • Enhance
  • Evolve
  • Escalate
  • Rise
  • Augment
  • Progress
  • Multiply
  • Strengthen

Want to learn how to say grow professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Develop

Appropriate Use: Refers to growth or progress in a skill, idea, or product.
Example: “The company aims to develop new technologies for renewable energy.”

2. Expand

Appropriate Use: Describes an increase in size, number, or extent.
Example: “Our business plans to expand into new international markets next year.”

3. Increase

Appropriate Use: General term for becoming larger or greater in size, amount, number, etc.
Example: “There has been a significant increase in demand for our products.”

4. Flourish

Appropriate Use: Describes thriving or prospering in a healthy or vigorous way.
Example: “Under her leadership, the team continues to flourish.”

5. Prosper

Appropriate Use: Indicates success or economic growth.
Example: “The new strategy is expected to help the company prosper.”

6. Mature

Appropriate Use: Suggests development to a more advanced or effective state.
Example: “Our marketing strategies have matured significantly over the past year.”

7. Bloom

Appropriate Use: Often used metaphorically to describe something developing in a healthy, vigorous way.
Example: “The startup company is finally starting to bloom in the tech industry.”

8. Enhance

Appropriate Use: Indicates an improvement in quality, value, or extent.
Example: “Enhancing our customer service will improve overall satisfaction.”

9. Evolve

Appropriate Use: Describes gradual development or change over time.
Example: “Our business model needs to evolve to remain competitive.”

10. Escalate

Appropriate Use: Refers to something increasing in intensity or magnitude.
Example: “The scope of the project has escalated beyond our initial estimates.”

11. Rise

Appropriate Use: Describes an increase or growth in a general sense.
Example: “There’s been a noticeable rise in productivity since implementing the new software.”

12. Augment

Appropriate Use: Indicates making something greater by adding to it.
Example: “Augmenting our team with skilled professionals is a priority.”

13. Progress

Appropriate Use: Refers to forward or onward movement towards a goal.
Example: “The project is progressing well and should meet the deadline.”

14. Multiply

Appropriate Use: Describes an increase in number, especially rapidly.
Example: “Our user base has multiplied in the last six months.”

15. Strengthen

Appropriate Use: Refers to making something stronger or more robust.
Example: “We need to strengthen our network security to prevent data breaches.”

Linda Brown