What Is Another Way to Say “Good Samaritan”?

Looking for synonyms for good samaritan? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say good samaritan.

  • Helper
  • Benefactor
  • Altruist
  • Humanitarian
  • Philanthropist
  • Good deed doer
  • Samaritan
  • Do-gooder
  • Goodwill ambassador
  • Charitable person
  • Angel
  • Knight in shining armor
  • Rescuer
  • Patron
  • Volunteer

Want to learn how to say good samaritan professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Helper

“Helper” refers to someone who provides assistance or support, often in a general context.

Example: The helpers at the community center play a vital role in organizing events for the elderly.

2. Benefactor

“Benefactor” is used for someone who gives help, especially financial aid.

Example: The library was renovated thanks to the generosity of a local benefactor.

3. Altruist

“Altruist” describes a person who is motivated by a selfless concern for the well-being of others.

Example: The altruist devoted her life to helping those in need without any expectation of reward.

4. Humanitarian

“Humanitarian” refers to a person who seeks to promote human welfare, often through charitable aid or donations.

Example: The humanitarian efforts of the doctor in war zones have saved countless lives.

5. Philanthropist

“Philanthropist” is used for someone who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially through generous financial donations.

Example: The philanthropist donated millions to fund educational programs in underdeveloped countries.

6. Good Deed Doer

“Good Deed Doer” is a casual term for someone who frequently performs acts of kindness.

Example: She is known in her neighborhood as a good deed doer, always ready to lend a hand.

7. Samaritan

“Samaritan” refers to a person who voluntarily offers help or sympathy in times of trouble.

Example: The samaritan at the scene provided first aid to the accident victims before the ambulance arrived.

8. Do-Gooder

“Do-Gooder” is an informal term for a person who does good deeds or tries to improve social conditions.

Example: The do-gooders in the community group organized a fundraiser for the local shelter.

9. Goodwill Ambassador

“Goodwill Ambassador” describes a person who advocates for a specific cause or global issue on behalf of a group or organization.

Example: The celebrity became a goodwill ambassador for the international health charity.

10. Charitable Person

“Charitable Person” refers to someone who is kind and generous in helping others, especially those in need.

Example: The charitable person volunteers every weekend at the food bank.

11. Angel

“Angel” is a metaphorical term for someone who is regarded as being very good, kind, or beautiful.

Example: The nurse was an angel to her patients, providing care with great compassion.

12. Knight in Shining Armor

“Knight in Shining Armor” is a figurative term for someone who gallantly comes to the rescue.

Example: He was like a knight in shining armor when he helped the startup find its footing.

13. Rescuer

“Rescuer” describes someone who saves someone from a dangerous or distressing situation.

Example: The rescuer at the beach saved the child from the strong currents.

14. Patron

“Patron” refers to a person who gives support, especially financial, to a person, organization, or cause.

Example: The artist found a patron who sponsored her work and exhibitions.

15. Volunteer

“Volunteer” is used for a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.

Example: The volunteers played a crucial role in the success of the environmental cleanup campaign.

Linda Brown