What Is Another Way to Say “Focus Group”?

Looking for synonyms for focus group? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say focus group.

  • Discussion group
  • Feedback panel
  • Opinion panel
  • Consumer panel
  • Research panel
  • Study group
  • Advisory panel
  • Listener panel
  • Review panel
  • Evaluation group
  • Consultation group
  • Deliberation panel
  • Input group
  • Reaction group
  • Test panel

Want to learn how to say focus group professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Discussion Group

A discussion group is used when a diverse set of individuals are brought together to discuss and provide feedback on a specific topic.

  • Example: The company organized a discussion group to gather insights on the new product design.

2. Feedback Panel

A feedback panel is appropriate for a group specifically selected to provide feedback on a product, service, or policy.

  • Example: The feedback panel provided valuable suggestions for improving the user interface of the software.

3. Opinion Panel

An opinion panel is used when the primary goal is to gather the views and opinions of participants on various issues.

  • Example: The news channel conducted an opinion panel to gauge public sentiment on the upcoming election.

4. Consumer Panel

A consumer panel consists of a group of customers who provide feedback about their experiences with products or services.

  • Example: The marketing team used a consumer panel to understand the appeal of their new advertising campaign.

5. Research Panel

A research panel is suitable for academic or market research purposes, where participants are asked to provide data or insights over time.

  • Example: The research panel contributed to a long-term study on consumer behavior trends.

6. Study Group

A study group is used in educational or research settings where participants engage in intensive discussion and analysis of a particular subject.

  • Example: The university organized a study group to examine the effects of social media on youth.

7. Advisory Panel

An advisory panel is a group of experts providing strategic advice and insights on specific industry or company issues.

  • Example: The corporation formed an advisory panel to guide its environmental sustainability initiatives.

8. Listener Panel

A listener panel is typically used in media and broadcasting to get feedback from regular listeners about programming and content.

  • Example: The radio station set up a listener panel to determine audience preferences for music genres.

9. Review Panel

A review panel is convened to evaluate and provide recommendations on specific projects, proposals, or products.

  • Example: The grant application was reviewed by an independent review panel of experts in the field.

10. Evaluation Group

An evaluation group is used when a systematic assessment of a program, product, or service is needed.

  • Example: The software’s beta version was tested by an evaluation group for user experience and bugs.

11. Consultation Group

A consultation group is formed to provide expert or stakeholder input on a particular issue or project.

  • Example: The city council created a consultation group to gather community input on the new park design.

12. Deliberation Panel

A deliberation panel involves a group engaged in careful consideration or discussion on a particular issue.

  • Example: The deliberation panel was tasked with proposing new policies for workplace diversity and inclusion.

13. Input Group

An input group is used when the primary purpose is to gather suggestions, ideas, or feedback from a set of individuals.

  • Example: The input group played a crucial role in shaping the new customer service protocol.

14. Reaction Group

A reaction group is focused on gauging immediate responses or reactions to a product, campaign, or event.

  • Example: The reaction group’s feedback on the pilot episode was instrumental in making final edits before the series launch.

15. Test Panel

A test panel is a group of individuals assembled to test and provide feedback on a product before it is launched.

  • Example: The cosmetic company used a test panel to try out and review their new skincare line.

Linda Brown