What Is Another Way to Say “Feel Free”?

Looking for synonyms for feel free? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say feel free.

  • Be at liberty
  • Feel comfortable
  • Be encouraged
  • Have the freedom
  • Be permitted
  • Be welcome
  • Have the opportunity
  • Be at ease
  • Have carte blanche
  • Be uninhibited
  • Have no hesitation
  • Be open
  • Feel unconstrained
  • Be unreserved
  • Have no qualms

Want to learn how to say feel free professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Be at Liberty

Used when someone has the freedom or permission to act as they wish.

  • Example: “You are at liberty to choose your own working hours in this company.”

2. Feel Comfortable

Appropriate for situations where ease and comfort in doing something are emphasized.

  • Example: “Feel comfortable to voice your opinions during the meeting.”

3. Be Encouraged

Used to motivate or urge someone to take a particular action.

  • Example: “You are encouraged to contribute your ideas to the project.”

4. Have the Freedom

Ideal for contexts where someone has the right or privilege to do something freely.

  • Example: “Employees have the freedom to engage in creative problem-solving.”

5. Be Permitted

Used when something is allowed or given permission.

  • Example: “Staff are permitted to use the gym facilities at their leisure.”

6. Be Welcome

Appropriate in situations where someone is invited or encouraged to do something.

  • Example: “Questions are welcome at any point during the presentation.”

7. Have the Opportunity

Used when there is a chance or possibility to do something.

  • Example: “All team members will have the opportunity to lead a project.”

8. Be at Ease

Ideal for situations where someone can act without worry or stress.

  • Example: “Please be at ease and share your honest feedback about the workplace.”

9. Have Carte Blanche

Used to indicate complete freedom to act as one wishes or thinks best.

  • Example: “The director gave the developer carte blanche to design the new application.”

10. Be Uninhibited

Appropriate for situations where someone is free from social or emotional constraints.

  • Example: “In brainstorming sessions, feel uninhibited to propose unconventional ideas.”

11. Have No Hesitation

Used when someone should not feel any doubt or reluctance.

  • Example: “Have no hesitation in contacting the IT department for technical support.”

12. Be Open

Ideal for contexts where openness and receptiveness are encouraged.

  • Example: “Be open about any challenges you face so that we can address them together.”

13. Feel Unconstrained

Used for situations where there are no restrictions or limitations.

  • Example: “Feel unconstrained to experiment with new methodologies in your research.”

14. Be Unreserved

Appropriate when someone can act without holding back or restricting themselves.

  • Example: “During the brainstorming session, be unreserved in expressing your ideas.”

15. Have No Qualms

Used when someone should not have any worries or doubts about doing something.

  • Example: “Have no qualms about asking for additional resources for your project.”

Linda Brown