What Is Another Way to Say “Come With”?

Looking for synonyms for come with? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say come with.

  • Accompany
  • Include
  • Bring along
  • Have as a feature
  • Be equipped with
  • Carry
  • Entail
  • Pack
  • Possess
  • Be furnished with
  • Feature
  • Be provided with
  • Contain
  • Be endowed with
  • Be complete with

Want to learn how to say come with professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Accompany

“Accompany” is used when something or someone goes with another thing or person. It’s suitable in various contexts, such as events or features of a product.
Example: The software update will accompany a comprehensive user guide.

2. Include

“Include” refers to having something as a part or component. It’s widely used in descriptions, lists, and offers.
Example: The package includes access to all premium features.

3. Bring Along

“Bring along” is a casual phrase used for carrying or taking something or someone with you. It’s often used in personal and travel contexts.
Example: Please bring along your report to the meeting for reference.

4. Have as a Feature

“Have as a feature” is used when something is a characteristic or component of something else. It’s suitable in product descriptions and technical specifications.
Example: Our new model of smartphones have enhanced security as a feature.

5. Be Equipped With

“Be equipped with” suggests that something comes with certain features, tools, or equipment. It’s commonly used in product specifications and descriptions.
Example: The latest model is equipped with advanced image stabilization technology.

6. Carry

“Carry” means to have something with you or on something else. It’s used in contexts of transportation, inventory, and features.
Example: All our emergency vehicles carry a standard set of medical supplies.

7. Entail

“Entail” refers to involving something as a necessary part or consequence. It’s used in legal, business, and educational contexts.
Example: The new position entails a high level of international travel.

8. Pack

“Pack” is used to describe something that includes various features or items, often in a compact or well-organized manner.
Example: The software packs a range of useful tools for graphic designers.

9. Possess

“Possess” means to have as a feature, quality, or function. It’s suitable in formal or technical descriptions.
Example: The device possesses a battery life longer than any of its competitors.

10. Be Furnished With

“Be furnished with” is a formal way of stating that something is provided with certain features or items.
Example: The meeting rooms are furnished with state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment.

11. Feature

“Feature” means to include as an important part or characteristic. It’s commonly used in marketing, product descriptions, and media.
Example: The latest edition of the magazine features an exclusive interview with the CEO.

12. Be Provided With

“Be provided with” implies that something comes with additional things supplied or given. It’s used in services, offerings, and product contexts.
Example: Participants will be provided with all necessary materials for the workshop.

13. Contain

“Contain” means to have something within. It’s often used in product contents, packaging, and descriptions.
Example: The kit contains all the essentials for basic home repairs.

14. Be Endowed With

“Be endowed with” is a formal term indicating that something has a certain quality, ability, or feature.
Example: This model of car is endowed with advanced safety features.

15. Be Complete With

“Be complete with” suggests that something comes with everything needed, leaving nothing omitted. It’s suitable for product packages and offerings.
Example: The apartment rentals are complete with furniture and modern appliances.

Linda Brown