What Is Another Way to Say “Can’t Wait”?

Looking for synonyms for can’t wait? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say can’t wait.

  • Eagerly anticipating
  • Excitedly awaiting
  • Looking forward to
  • Impatiently expecting
  • Anxiously awaiting
  • Thrilled about
  • Keenly awaiting
  • Highly anticipating
  • Enthusiastically awaiting
  • Eagerly expecting
  • Avidly anticipating
  • Zealously awaiting
  • Breathlessly awaiting
  • Counting down to
  • On tenterhooks for
  • Itching for
  • Can hardly wait
  • On pins and needles for
  • Anticipating with excitement
  • Yearning for

Want to learn how to say can’t wait professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Eagerly Anticipating

When to use: When showing enthusiasm about a future event or outcome.
Example: “We are eagerly anticipating the launch of our new product line next quarter.”

2. Excitedly Awaiting

When to use: To express a high level of excitement about something upcoming.
Example: “The team is excitedly awaiting the results of the innovative marketing campaign.”

3. Looking Forward To

When to use: A common way to express anticipation in a positive manner.
Example: “I am looking forward to collaborating with the new international partners.”

4. Impatiently Expecting

When to use: When there’s a sense of impatience or urgency about an upcoming event.
Example: “The department is impatiently expecting the approval of the new project.”

5. Anxiously Awaiting

When to use: When there’s a mix of anxiety and anticipation for a future event.
Example: “We are anxiously awaiting the feedback from the client on our proposal.”

6. Thrilled About

When to use: To express great excitement or happiness about something in the future.
Example: “Our team is thrilled about the upcoming industry conference.”

7. Keenly Awaiting

When to use: When eagerly looking forward to something with great interest.
Example: “The CEO is keenly awaiting the quarterly financial reports.”

8. Highly Anticipating

When to use: To express strong expectation and excitement for something upcoming.
Example: “The entire staff is highly anticipating the office expansion.”

9. Enthusiastically Awaiting

When to use: To show eagerness and a positive attitude towards a future event.
Example: “We are enthusiastically awaiting the launch of our new customer service platform.”

10. Eagerly Expecting

When to use: Similar to ‘eagerly anticipating’, with a focus on the expectation of an event.
Example: “The marketing team is eagerly expecting the results of the new ad campaign.”

11. Avidly Anticipating

When to use: To show intense enthusiasm or interest towards an upcoming event.
Example: “The research team is avidly anticipating the results of their groundbreaking study.”

12. Zealously Awaiting

When to use: When there’s passionate or fervent anticipation for an event.
Example: “The sales team is zealously awaiting the new product launch.”

13. Breathlessly Awaiting

When to use: To express extreme eagerness or anticipation, often for dramatic effect.
Example: “The entire company is breathlessly awaiting the CEO’s major announcement.”

14. Counting Down To

When to use: When eagerly marking time until a specific event occurs.
Example: “We are counting down to the annual team-building retreat.”

15. On Tenterhooks For

When to use: To show a state of suspense or anxious uncertainty about a future event.
Example: “The finance department is on tenterhooks for the budget approval.”

16. Itching For

When to use: Informal way to express a strong desire for something to happen soon.
Example: “Our developers are itching for the release of the new software update.”

17. Can Hardly Wait

When to use: To show extreme eagerness or impatience for something.
Example: “I can hardly wait to see the impact of our new sustainability initiatives.”

18. On Pins and Needles For

When to use: To express a state of anxious anticipation.
Example: “The design team is on pins and needles for the client’s reaction to the prototype.”

19. Anticipating with Excitement

When to use: When looking forward to something with a great deal of enthusiasm.
Example: “We are anticipating with excitement the expansion into new markets.”

20. Yearning For

When to use: To express a deep, sometimes emotional, desire for something upcoming.
Example: “The company is yearning for a breakthrough in the new research and development project.”

Linda Brown