What Is Another Way to Say “Brought In”?

Looking for synonyms for brought in? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say brought in.

  • Introduced
  • Generated
  • Incorporated
  • Admitted
  • Recruited
  • Hired
  • Imported
  • Earned
  • Attracted
  • Engaged

Want to learn how to say brought in professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Introduced

Introduced is used when something or someone is presented or brought into a place or situation for the first time.
Example: “The company introduced a new software platform to improve productivity.”

2. Generated

Generated refers to producing or creating something, often revenue, ideas, or data, as a result of a process or activity.
Example: “The marketing campaign generated significant interest in the new product.”

3. Incorporated

Incorporated is used when including something as part of a whole, often referring to ideas, plans, or changes.
Example: “The latest design incorporated feedback from our customers to improve usability.”

4. Admitted

Admitted refers to allowing someone to enter a place or to become a part of a group or institution.
Example: “After passing the rigorous exam, she was admitted to the prestigious law school.”

5. Recruited

Recruited is used when someone is enlisted or hired to join a company, organization, or team.
Example: “The tech startup recruited top talent from around the globe to drive its innovation.”

6. Hired

Hired refers to the act of giving someone a job or position in a company or organization.
Example: “He was hired as the new director of operations to streamline the company’s processes.”

7. Imported

Imported is used when bringing goods or services into a country from abroad for sale.
Example: “The company imported fine Italian leather to produce its luxury handbags.”

8. Earned

Earned refers to receiving money as payment for work or receiving something as a result of one’s actions or efforts.
Example: “Through her hard work and dedication, she earned the respect of her peers.”

9. Attracted

Attracted is used when drawing someone or something towards oneself, often referring to attention, interest, or business.
Example: “The new exhibit attracted thousands of visitors during its opening weekend.”

10. Engaged

Engaged is used when someone is hired or involved in a particular activity or when securing someone’s services.
Example: “The firm engaged a consultant to help improve their business strategy.”

Linda Brown